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  1. Robotoid

    Orange Oasis

    two new episodes coming soon (as in REAL heckin soon)
  2. Robotoid

    THAT'S IT! Final Episode!

    next series you do try to keep it contained in one thread :)
  3. Robotoid

    Orange Oasis

    New episode! #24 - bees, bees, bees, bees
  4. Robotoid

    Orange Oasis

    New episode! #23 - ceci n'est pas une title screen
  5. Robotoid

    Orange Oasis

    Hello! I've got a YouTube series that travels through Minecraft Alpha without bringing any attention to the fact that it travels through Minecraft Alpha. It's called Orange Oasis. In each episode I build something new, be it a sculpture or some useful building. Updates irregularly. ~ PLAYLIST...