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  1. CriticalClient

    Bring back Beta, Gamma, Epsilon

    As said by the title I want to bring those three respective ranks back. I've already asked several staff members about it - some of them say that they already have been suggesting the return of these ranks. I do understand that Omega is reverting back to P2W, which is what it used to be, but...
  2. CriticalClient

    I'm trying to document as much factions as possible for a side project I'm working on.

    To put it in the least, I was thinking about putting all the (at least kind of active factions) together for a simulation I thought up about. Basically, I'm going to treat individual factions like countries, put them in a history simulator, and see who comes out on top! Say, if a Faction is...
  3. CriticalClient

    Omega : Then and now

    I just felt a nostalgia wave today,so I just wanted to ask,would you prefer Old Omega (Before 2014),or New Omega (After 2014)?Thanks for your opinions.Here's some general information... Old Omega Old Servers Old Lobby (Ahhh...the themed lobby.Remember the halloween ice-spiked cobwebs map?) Old...
  4. CriticalClient

    Recruiting Kalibur

    This is my third post for a factions recruitment - the others were for my past factions. As some of you may know,I am CriticalClient.The reason I am recruiting again is because... >History< Some basic information to fill you in...or just skip it. --Recent-- Ok,my history on Omega is really long...
  5. CriticalClient

    Nokia phone "best" phone

    I'm Crit, so one day (after lots and lots and lots of days) I realised that I still don't have a phone. Then my dad convinced my mum I needed one. I got one!Yay! It was a touchscreen...Nokia.Not nokia lumia,NOKIA. I was ok with it (despite all my classmates having iPhones and Samsungs) One day...
  6. CriticalClient

    Critical(Client)'s Introduction

    Hey there Omega Realm, I'm Crit! Brief Introduction As some of you may know,I have joined forums last year (2016) and I've actually joined Omega Realm the server for a long time now.I've joined sometime in early 2014,just after old Omega.So...about I'm about 3 years old,I suppose! Name Now,I...
  7. CriticalClient

    Kalibur Recruitment--No ex--Godzilla members.

    This is the leader of Kalibur CriticalClient.Since typing "Client" in server chats can result in the server saying you are shouting in chat about hacks,You can call me Critical there.Or Crit. Anyways,Kalibur is a faction-I wouldn't say a really strong one-but it is definitely developing fast.And...