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  1. Eve

    Omega Realm World Map

    OMEGA REALM WORLD MAP GAME Hello, Minecrafters. This is going to be pretty random but also interesting if it works out.. (I hope) I really just want to see where everyone is from in the world so comment down below where you are from and tag someone so they can do it too. :cowboy: Creds to my...
  2. Eve

    2019: Eve♡

    Salutations, I've been in this community for a while now and my last introduction was posted in 2017; I've decided to try Omega again and well see if I enjoy it. My name is Eve like I said I've been here a while and met so many amazing people, I left the community for a good 1-2 years but now...
  3. Eve

    Answered How to attach an image on your signature?

    Hello, so it's been a while since I have added an image as my forum signature and I kinda forget how to do it. So like if someone can remind me that would be gucci, tysm.
  4. Eve


    hello how are u
  5. Eve

    - Photographs of 2017

    Hi, I'm back with more bad photographs I took. I took this one by a river, I love how the sun kinda reflects off the water. I took this one in summer when I was out a walk, I love how pretty it just looks! I took this photograph when I was on holiday, the blue In the sea is so...
  6. Eve

    X-Mas Gifts

    Hey i have to get 6 brothers and 2 sisters gifts for x-mas My brothers are aged between 15-18 ew my sisters 3 and 9 pls suggest tyvm
  7. Eve

    goOD MICS

    Um i broke my mic so um please suggest a good one thanks dab
  8. Eve

    Hpw 2 be col abd dab

    ok so um u read this to be cool an dab like @Rowln :)) 1st: u have to type in the comments: I like to dab with ur eyes closed :) 2nd: U then have to dab on ur mom or dad 3rd: come back and tell me if u got in trouble or did they DAB WITH U 4th: well done ur so cool bro wow !
  9. Eve

    Blog?? :)

    I have been thinking about it for a while and uh i wanna make a blog idk if i should or not eh sugggesSTIONS SHOULD I DO IT OR NOT - THANKS XOXOX
  10. Eve

    Texture Pack Suggestions

    Hai i have been looking for a new Texture pack something simple i kinda of like but also something not very very very detailed suggest some pls (': - eve
  11. Eve

    Sparklers / Fire crackers (':

    I took these pictures while outside with my family and i thought to show them here. I also have posted 1 On my Instagram account ( only close friends would of seen it )
  12. Eve

    Answered what size is a minecraft banner for signature (':

    i want a minecraft banner as my signature what size is one please and ty (': - eve
  13. Eve


    hey hey hey so i have been thinking of a few new igns and idk what one to choose so pls vote for the one u like best xx
  14. Eve


    /marry on survival the reason i think this should maybe be a thing because it seems like a fun thing people would like i know this is on creative and skyblock already but why not add it to survival tooooO. im actually not sure if this used to be in survival i think idrk - eveeee ( i know...
  15. Eve

    be mean to the person above lol

    be mean .. ok.. dont be racist or whatever just not 2 mean be mean now..
  16. Eve

    Haloween Event

    So i was thinking as its October and Halloween is soon why don't i guess they hold a " best Halloween build " comp thing and the winner wins a rank there would also be a 1st II 2nd II 3rd II place. The only issue is i don't know if much people would enter so yeah - eve bro xcxdxdxd
  17. Eve

    Hover Game Leader Board?

    Yo, So i have made a suggestion about this months ago but some stuff happened with my account and i lost all my posts and such and I'm not sure if this suggestion got saved ( probably not because it legit deleted everything ) Suggestion: Why don't we make a hover game leaderboard and when it is...
  18. Eve


    hi so i have rrly good idea guys, let's make a mc funeral on creative because i want too and it would be good incase mike dies like ye. also, we need a wedding with TNT - eve
  19. Eve

    suggestion pls read

  20. Eve

    Make A Story!

    As the title says to make a story! All you need to do is type 1 word at a time and someone will continue it~ Example: Person 1: I Person 2: went and so on, you can type more than once just don't spam and be rude I will start ;) Word: My