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  1. xMamoru


    ................ ok then xD
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  3. xMamoru

    Answered Survival TNT

    TNT is currently disabled on survival. The only way you can use TNT is if you enable it inside of one of your claims with /claimexplosions. //answered
  4. xMamoru

    Omega Realm's 4 Weeks of Christmas

    I'm so excited! I can't wait :DDDDD
  5. xMamoru

    It's a good day :)

    It's a good day :)
  6. xMamoru

    Chat Thread

  7. xMamoru

    Allow everyone to see when the next server restart is.

    As far as I'm aware of, i agree with this. I don't see any issues with letting players be aware of when the next server restart is. +1
  8. xMamoru

    3-Word Story [GAME]

    evil plan that
  9. xMamoru

    3-Word Story [GAME]

    To create a
  10. xMamoru

    3-Word Story [GAME]

    On forum sig
  11. xMamoru

    3-Word Story [GAME]

    And got sad
  12. xMamoru

    Answered Gamemode Error

    The NPC’s in hub are currently glitch out atm. They won’t be working until further notice. I hope this helped! //Answered
  13. xMamoru

    yeah No kidding dude. We need to get into a call one of these days.

    yeah No kidding dude. We need to get into a call one of these days.
  14. xMamoru

    What's up bro? :D

    What's up bro? :D
  15. xMamoru

    Never give up.

    Never give up.
  16. xMamoru

    Back into the swing of things.

    Everything is looking really nice! Thanks for sharing! :D
  17. xMamoru

    Thank you all <3 (My Omega Memories)

    THIS is awsome Emi! :D Thanks for the tag!
  18. xMamoru

    Answered /<server> for donators

    Unfortunately, I'm sure these commands will not be brought back, for they have been removed to prevent bots from attacking the server. Because the server has had problems with bots recently, we feel it's necessary for these commands to be removed so that bots cannot jump to different servers and...
  19. xMamoru

    Answered /<server>

    I wasn't aware this was something that was removed from players. Very interesting.
  20. xMamoru


    This looks amazing so far! Keep it up, cant wait to see more :)