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  1. Matt

    Scavenger Hunt #2

    SCAVENGER HUNT The events team has decided to host another Scavenger Hunt due to the last one being so popular! ABOUT If you're interested in winning a rank, this is just the event for you. You don't need insane building or pvp skills to win this event, just some imagination! We have...
  2. Matt

    Factions Ftop Event

    Hey everyone! The events team have decided to host another Factions Ftop Event! Do you think you can build the most valuable base in a month? If so, this is the event for you! Factions ftop rewards the faction with the most value after this month. This includes sabotaging other bases by...
  3. Matt

    Creative Plot of the Month

    Hey there! Do you spend a lot of time on our Creative server? Do you have a desire to build? Then you’re in the right place. The Events Team are now hosting another Creative Plot of the Month event! INFORMATION You have a whole month to show us your beautiful plots. The thread will be locked...
  4. Matt

    Survival Build Of The Month

    Hey all! The events team has decided to host, once again, another Survival Build of the Month! INFORMATION You have a whole month to show us your builds. The thread will be locked on August 31st, so all builds must be submitted by then! We will announce the winner on September 1st. How to...
  5. Matt

    Increase Money Buff Amount

    Increase Money Buff Amount 10k,20k,30k is not a lot for survival, I think considering the price for these buffs are so high, the amount of in game money should be increased in these packages, for example: 50k, 100-150k, and 200-300k Just a little suggestion!
  6. Matt

    Introduction #2

    Hey so I made an introduction around 5 ish months ago, I thought I’d remake it now. Hey so my name is Mqtt__ (in game) but my friends call me Matt, or Bitch I spent around a month as staff before I was demoted because I suck. But now I own my own Minecraft server (Will not name) and spend a...
  7. Matt

    Someone you kill

    i kill @Allyy lol
  8. Matt

    Survival Reset Soon

    Hey I know this was brought up already, but some time ago. I think Survival definitely needs a reset, many people I know have left survival because it's just getting boring, I myself am also extremely bored of it now too. I heard it was planned for February but I think it needs to be reset...
  9. Matt

    I also need a new ign

    i need a new IGN Please leave thoughts on cool igns
  10. Matt

    The New Auto-Ban Feature

    So, I noticed a lot of people complaining that the new auto ban system is bad, and bans players when they are not even hacking. Well, 1. I believe it is extremely accurate 2. if you were not hacking and were banned by the auto ban, all you gotta do is create an appeal and staff will look into...
  11. Matt

    2nd Intro

    Who are my friends? And who are they to me? @klyed the guy who likes cats a little too much, and also likes his voice too much. @Svantie Dad @Jesss the one who originally turned me into the 'Oreo' @LilPeasantQueen No just no. @__Reverse Idek if he likes me but I like him soooooo @dragonfan96...
  12. Matt

    Oreosaurus_ Introduction

    With myself being accepted as a new helper I would like to introduce myself Hi! I am Oreosaurus_, but you can call me Matt! I am 13 years old. Today (17th/18th September) I got accepted into being a helper (the trials) and it was my first ever time applying! I am so happy. Anyway, I come from...
  13. Matt

    Dear Finalists,

    So, if you still haven't gotten a response to your application. You are in the final. So congrats to every finalist, I happen to be one too. :D Good luck in the final guys! Woo hoo!
  14. Matt

    Round 2 Today!

    Good luck to everyone who applied and is still here for round 2! (Semi-Finals) I am too! ;D GOOD LUCK! - Oreo
  15. Matt


    I want to just say congratulations to all staff who were promoted! :) Keep doing your job well and good luck in the future! -Oreosaurus