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  1. Jamie

    jamie town

    come join jamie town on survival now, it's a thriving town surrounding a bay with a beautiful view of the ocean. Message Jqmie in game and I'll find you a lovely area to build please
  2. Jamie

    ATTention omegarealm please read

    hi it’s jamie I ask of you all to follow @sk. NOW
  3. Jamie

    2 messages away

    from 1000 and now I have 1000 posts thanks
  4. Jamie

    I never make threads

    but I am only
  5. Jamie

    £8 Coupon Giveaway

    hi giveaway i won it because i'm an epic builder Have you ever been donated for/donated on the server? Is Bellaxoxoxoxox an utterly terrible human being? Want to win?
  6. Jamie

    Ask me anything mega homos

    Original :D
  7. Jamie

    Late staff application

    Hello I need staff so I can communicate with Bobzah, thank you
  8. Jamie

    Friend rank for Jamie

    Hello Omega Realm my friends, I am here today to propose something to the community. I, Jamie of Omega Realm, would like friend rank. I’d like the community to vote on this as I feel I am a great friend to all of you and management don’t want to be friends with me so you guys are my last option...
  9. Jamie

    ant spider dies in infinity war

    Minecraft Username: Jamie Previous Username(s): Jamie Timezone: bst Age: 16 Have you donated before: ya Are you able to record and upload to YouTube:ya Server(s) you are most active on: forums and discord Past punishments: ban Why are you applying: idk What would make you a good staff member...
  10. Jamie


    Just wondering as I don’t go on the server a lot
  11. Jamie

    Thread Title...

    happy Easter you April fools XDDD hope you have some good eggs and u eat the, balls GOOD
  12. Jamie

    Negative Ratings

    I don't get why we don't have negative ratings on the forums, I know there's ones such as salt and stuff that might just be used for everything but even just disagree? If we're allowed to vote agree on threads it's only fair that we can vote disagree. EQUALITY Also, you can't disagree with this...
  13. Jamie

    Important!!!! Part 2

    Hi guys just wondering do you prefer Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch or ass
  14. Jamie


    hey everyone important question cats or dogs or ass
  15. Jamie


    hello vote
  16. Jamie

    Sellable Mob/Player heads

    I was thinking that we should be able to sell mob and player heads at the shop for a small amount of money, when grinding you get stacks of mob heads that are only really useful as decoration. They'll end up thrown away in the end because they are pretty much useless, my suggestion is that we...
  17. Jamie

    Villager "Bonding"

  18. Jamie

    Vote keys from word game

    The word game in prison gives 10k for completing, that is honestly no use for anyone. I think the word game should give vote keys just like it does on survival, or atleast a higher money reward.
  19. Jamie

    Make the server mine chat friendly

    When you go on the server with mine chat you will be shown "You cannot speak until you move" I assume this is to prevent spam bots or whatever but I've still seen them even with this implemented. Could you allow people to speak without having to move? Mine chat is basically impossible to use
  20. Jamie

    Answered Negative Ratings

    Why are there no negative ratings on the forums?