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  1. wols

    Allow more homes

    Last reset it was possible to purchase multiple island homes as upgrades for your island, which was very convenient for getting around your island quickly. In my opinion, this feature would now be even more useful, as the maximum island size has increased from last reset. My suggestion is thus...
  2. wols

    Clear Lag

    Last reset the server would send a message once ground items had been cleared. This was highly useful and I don't think it cluttered chat too much. Could we please have that back? Waiting around before dropping items, paranoid that clearlag might still be pending, is pretty inconvenient. I've...
  3. wols

    Answered Event Reward

    I've been told to post a thread here if I want to claim the Gamma rank I won in the Skyblock - Island of the Month! event. IGN: wols I would also like to take this opportunity to ask a question regarding the Gamma rank. It includes 6 extra plots in the Creative server. What happens to these...