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  1. shrimp

    quick question

    apples or bananas?
  2. shrimp

    idk saying hello

    used to be a major squeaker on here aha i'm just here to say hi. don't play any of this anymore. used to play on here around 2014 and 2015
  3. shrimp

    Answered Deleting Accounts

    Does management delete accounts or no? If so, who does because I want my account deleted.
  4. shrimp

    spooky thing happened today

    spooky thing happened at school lol. my friend was messing around with siri and then i came over and said 112.. NEARLY called emergency services lol. watch out when using siri lol.
  5. shrimp

    Some Music I Made

    I have an app called Launchpad on my iPad. I know that it's an actual thing but they had an app so I downloaded it. I was bored so I decided to make some music on it. I'm going to do more soon but at the moment i'm just testing it out.
  6. shrimp

    Answered username changing

    i can't find an option to do it anywhere anymore? i mean on the forums
  7. shrimp


  8. shrimp


  9. shrimp

    things i hate that other people may relate too

    1. when someone joins the forums to ask staff a question on their wall or asking to be unbanned and we have to say to do a ban appeal. 2. when they let staff know on their wall that someone is breaking the rules on a server and not recording evidence etc 3. when that one person replies to a...
  10. shrimp

    Me counting until the chicken nuggets are ready

    i lost track a few times but they were tasty pls sub
  11. shrimp

    Answered coloured names in creative

    is their a way you have to activate the coloured name in creative? I bought it with tokens and I thought it would give it instantly. I relogged and still didn't come up. Bought it again and same thing. Is this a bug or is their a command to activate it? I haven't played for a solid year and I'm...
  12. shrimp

    I tried the knife game and this happened

    i was already bleeding from practicing and this happened. I cut me singing because if I didn't I'll never be able to take it back (cringe sorry) blood warning as well even though their isn't much
  13. shrimp

    rick lax meme

    hate this guy subscribe
  14. shrimp

    Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017 Falls Through Roof Meme

    another one of my classics subscribe i need subs
  15. shrimp

    Mickey Mouse blows up Disneyland (NEED FEEDBACK)

    This was made by me also subscribe to my channel SHARE IT subscribe I need subs
  16. shrimp


    Talk about harambe in this thread :) or else
  17. shrimp

    Answered quick question

    I bought Mega before the EULA started. Do I have the subscription? When can I remove it? Does it send me an email reminding me when I have to pay again?
  18. shrimp

    Keep the theme this way.

    I like it. I can see things better and I like it in general. (If your looking this in the future I'm talkin about the April fools theme it's awesome). You might take this as a joke but it's more clearer and its cool. (Can you just make it a option so anyone can use it anytime)
  19. shrimp


    For the past couple of weeks my head has been acting weird. Whenever I run or when I wake up, on the right side of my brain it triggers something and I collapse. It's been happening for weeks now. Like I said in my profile post, I think I have a brain tumour. I'm seeing a doctor soon but I'm...
  20. shrimp

    Youtube names?

    I'm making a youtube channel with like how to videos and sometimes gaming. any ideas? i've been thinking for the past hour. I don't want: Numbers The word Shrimp nothing rude pls pls im dying