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  1. ProveMeWrong

    Answered Can't resolve hostname

    Okay, so I love this server so much. I want to play so bad but no matter what I try, I can't join because it says "can't resolve hostname" in the server menu. I've triple-checked the server IP I've entered and I've tried both and just I was playing perfectly...
  2. IzMatt

    [Omega] What permissions do Omega ranks have?

    Hi! Hope you're having a lovely day! I've had multiple people come up to me or other staff/players asking what perms they have as an Omega rank. Since the rank is no longer purchasable on the store, there isn't a decent way to figure out what commands you have and don't have access to. Well...
  3. H

    Answered Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

    Can I connect to the server if I have windows 10 edition?
  4. Potato Sans

    Answered im bugged?

    what dose it mean to be bugged, and how do i get unbugged?
  5. I

    Answered I used to have a rank

    So I haven't played mc in a while, I joined the server years ago and had a rank, I joined just now and the server has changed and my rank is gone, why's this happened?
  6. IzMatt

    How to Sell Your In-Game Items

    Greetings Omega Realm players! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I've been on Omega, recently more and more players have asked me or other staff "how do I sell my items" or "how do I create a chest shop". Well, hopefully this tutorial helps all...
  7. Ally

    Bored, new words pls.

    Can I has some new words that I can learn to make me sound smarter lol... thx.
  8. IzMatt

    How to Prevent Getting Sent to the Lobby

    -+=+- Hello friends! Some of you may have already experienced this before and know how to solve this, so this thread is directed towards new players or confused players. Question/Problem: Are you getting sent to the lobby every time you run certain commands? Explanation: This is happening...
  9. IzMatt

    [Updated] Commands / Frequently Asked Questions

    (Last updated 4/18/19 01:00 CST) Hello there! Before you dive into this work of art, after reading, please take some time to leave some feedback. This actually took over 3.5 hours to make (fact-checking). Even rating this post with something means a lot. Thank you. -+=+- -+=+- There have...
  10. IzMatt

    Which flavor is the best?

    Which Starburst flavor is the best? May the best flavor win.
  11. IzMatt

    Need your Opinion!

    What is the past tense conjugation of the word "apology"?
  12. IzMatt

    Commands - Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello there! There have been multiple people that have asked me or other staff questions like "is there a command to report a player?", or "how do i use the ah?", etc. These commands can be easy, but they are tricky for new players. With that said, I present to you, the list of the top 25...
  13. darren

    Answered Why haven't i been un-banned yet?

    this is what i put on my appeal: Username : cutesycat punishment: Access suspended Server: i was on creative Reason: apparently i crash exploited? Explain: i was writing a book because i have friends in different time zones that i dont want to write signs to or use /mail send ... and when i...
  14. J

    Answered Keys from Rank inst working

    Hey guys, so i bought delta and after like an hour i still haven't gotten the 3 legendary keys that is supposed to come with it... HALP My mc name is JimmyJamila btw
  15. Elijah_

    Answered About the fly rule <Factions>

    Hello Omega Realm staff and players, All across the server and in real life, in general, we are expected to follow rules, Whether the rules are put in place by your parents, government, state, Or something like your boss. The point is we need to follow rules but on factions, the thing is we're...
  16. E


    Just now, I was mining sand for my cactus farm. With my full uber kit on and an inventory full of sand and cactus, I start suffocating in a block. No big deal right? I just dig myself out. No, that didn't happen. I kept dying and noticed the clear lag would clear all blocks on the ground (my...
  17. Xer0_Puls3

    Money in KitPvP

    Why do we get money in Kit PvP, One of the staff said it was for boosters but the boosters cost tokens, Not money. I am referring to in game currency and not real USD.
  18. D

    Answered How to delete my account?

    How do i delete this account that im on right now, like this omega realm account. how do i get rid of it
  19. EvilDunk

    Answered Skyblock - the best way to make money?

    Hello! Ive recently noticed that on your skyblock server, I've been depending on donor keys bought by other people as my cash source. It is unfortunate that that doesn't happen that often (I wish everyone was rich and could buy me keys :smirk:) and I've run short on balance. So I ask.... What...
  20. K

    Answered money and tokens

    I know exactly how to get tokens but I don't know to get actual money. can you (in the comments) either A: Direct me to a forum listing the ways to get tokens & money. or B: List the ways to get tokens & money yourself.