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  1. IzMatt

    [Updated] Hi, I'm IzMatt.

    Last edited: October 18, 2019 Note: this is not a goodbye post. Hello! Hope you're doing swell! I'm slightly self conscious about talking too much. Anyone a fan of space, or more specifically Star Trek? I am. I've always been interested in space and our galaxy, and Star Trek is my go-to...
  2. FriedBeanzYT

    QuitePenguiny For Admin

    Please Anyone Who Is Reading This Go To And Vote For This It Is Important To Most Players Please Do THis For Us
  3. DragonYami

    Staff Applications - January

    Hi again! Have you ever wanted to help us out with catching all the rule breakers and making the community on Omega Realm a safer place? Awesome! The Helper Program is recruiting. The Omega Realm Helper Program aims to recruit select members of our community to help us out with keeping the...
  4. IzMatt

    [Updated] Commands / Frequently Asked Questions

    (Last updated 4/18/19 01:00 CST) Hello there! Before you dive into this work of art, after reading, please take some time to leave some feedback. This actually took over 3.5 hours to make (fact-checking). Even rating this post with something means a lot. Thank you. -+=+- -+=+- There have...
  5. IzMatt

    Commands - Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello there! There have been multiple people that have asked me or other staff questions like "is there a command to report a player?", or "how do i use the ah?", etc. These commands can be easy, but they are tricky for new players. With that said, I present to you, the list of the top 25...
  6. darren

    Answered Why haven't i been un-banned yet?

    this is what i put on my appeal: Username : cutesycat punishment: Access suspended Server: i was on creative Reason: apparently i crash exploited? Explain: i was writing a book because i have friends in different time zones that i dont want to write signs to or use /mail send ... and when i...
  7. NZ_MOSE

    Answered About the fly rule <Factions>

    Hello Omega Realm staff and players, All across the server and in real life, in general, we are expected to follow rules, Whether the rules are put in place by your parents, government, state, Or something like your boss. The point is we need to follow rules but on factions, the thing is we're...
  8. xMamoru


    Hello Omega, I just wanna thank you all for the heart-warming messages you all have made on my profile. I really do appreciate every word. I will miss being staff, and I do plan on re-applying in the future. :) Staff team, Thank you for an awesome experiance as a staff member here at Omega...
  9. King_Sultan

    Answered Old ranks and staff

    Can I still apply for staff even if i havent donated to the new ranks? for example i was a mega before the update and i wanted to apply do i need to get a new rank?
  10. Buttnip

    My (bad) experience on Skyblock Server ._.

    Let me get this out the way. First, I'm not English so please forgive my grammatical/spelling mistakes. Second, this is my first post on the forums. I hope I'm doing everything right. Third, I'm butthurt, pissed, salty, angry, mad, irrational and stupid. This is gonna be a long passage...
  11. Ippo

    My Proper Introduction

    So way back when I joined Omega Realm Forums, I made a short introduction saying like "yo I'm here hi". But I thought I wanted to make a proper intro since I have evolved and I've gone through the staff team and everything. Here it is: My name is Jeremy, or ippo1375 in-game. I joined Minecraft...
  12. xMamoru

    Omega Realm

    Hello Omega Realm, I'd just wanted to say that this server has made my life the best ever! I've met the girl of my dreams here, I've made some awesome friends, and met some awesome people. this is a server I wont ever stop playing on and wont ever stop loving. All I really wanted to say was...
  13. xMamoru

    Answered Creative Plots

    Hello there Omega, I was recently wondering, as of the update in acted on creative on Wednesday, Have omega´s allowed to have 10 extra plots than they did before the update? ( Meaning Omega´s now have a total of 20 plots to use ) I was wondering this because there has been 10 more extra plots...
  14. Squidx_

    Answered New Staff

    Hi, its SquidoftheSea. i was just wondering how you'll be notified if you're chosen for staff, and will you be promoted online immediatly, or within the week? thank you for your time :)
  15. xMamoru

    (Fun Staff Question) What is or was your favorite thing?

    Hello staff members and retired staff, There are many great things about being a staff member. Each other staff rank has more access abilities than others. Therefore each rank will bring more favorite things for being a staff member. My question to all staff, and even retired staff is, What is...
  16. Xepheniah

    Answered staff questions

    Just a hypothetical question, if i was a helper, how would i get promoted to a mod, jr mod or sr mod?
  17. Shaaun


    Welcome to... EXPOSED! The place where you and I can gather evidence to expose staff members. Videos and Pictures are both acceptable. I hope you guys enjoy! −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−− ! ALERT ! Boostinq HAS BEEN EXPOSED...
  18. Hannay

    Drawing/GFX Competition!

    It's time for another drawing competition. These have been very popular in the past, which is why I will keep doing these for you! This time it's going to be easier, I will give you a few rules only and tell you everything in detail. RULES No stealing artwork from others and claiming them to be...
  19. Hannay

    How to get the HELPER rank!

    Hi Here's how you can easily get accepted, these are just my opinions but they helped me get accepted twice here without getting denied once. I'm going to explain everything in the shortest way possible so everyone can read this without getting bored/jumping over some parts! Maturity This is...
  20. Jr_KitAce_Online

    Applying for staff

    @Mikgreg I'm taking a stand! I'm sick and tired of donators thinking they run the place! it doesn't help that they are the only members of this amazing server that can apply for a rank that could make the server a blockbuster! I know I'm gonna get a denied prefix within the first day! But that...