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  1. Sukon

    Post your PC specs here :)

    Hey there. Do what it says on the title lol I'm just curious to know what people's specs are :3 My specs: CPU - i5 6600k CPUCooler - Corsair H100i V2 MOBO - Asus Z170A RAM - Corsair Vengance16gb 2400mhz GPU - Asus STRIX 1080 Storage 1 - Samsung 850evo 250gb Storage 2- Western Digital BLACK...
  2. Sukon

    Yum or Ewww!

    Hi. Welcome to a forum game called Yum or Ewww! totally did not steal this from another forum To play, you must reply Yum! or Eww! (It's your opinion of the food) Examples Player 1: Hotdog Sukon: Yum! Sukon: Microwaved cheese Player 2: EWWW!!11!1!! Player 2: Licorice I hope you get the...