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A bunch of EPIC suggestions to make Omega realm omega again

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well, I have been playing omega for a while now and I joined because of factions like everyone else did, and the reason factions died other than Zexy(the daddy)Zek leaving is because a winner was decided in a week about, this is due to pay2win and and schematica the pay2win gives you the resources you need to thrive like spawners, gear and perks, the schematica gives you bases with 100s of regen walls built super fast, cactus farms that make billions, and cannons that can make a base into smithereens within seconds. MERE SECONDs. Now to fix this, it isn't as easy because ranks are important to make money, schematica should be easy to get rid of, I think for pay2win features it should be simple stuff like fly, fix,feed,nightvision,pv,and other basic commands(i think a ./enchant command that pulls up an enchantment table gui would be cool). for the kit it should be stuff like creeper eggs, food,tnt,obsidian,etc, with like prot3 unbreaking3 diamond armor and unbreaking3 sharp3/eff3 diamond tools, for lower ranks iron or unenchanted gear, for people with non ranks they would get stuff like ./f fly,one sethome, and echest. also i think everyone should be able to have silk spawners because then you have to trust people to mine spawners in your base which never works out. Second last thing I think commands like ./tinker would be pretty cool just to give xp bottles also fishing for vote keys as legendary drops is cool and on another server i played on they ahd a feature where you had a 0.01 chance that when mining you would find a money voucher that wouldnt be worth all that much but it would be cool. and finally no pvp enchants i think the only custom enchants that would be nice is haste and glow. because its not game breaking and to get custom enchants you just have to trade in experience.

Sorry that was a lot

#2 babbbbbby I think nobleman rank should be perm as it is 100$ and it shows a commitment to spend that amount of money on a minecraft server, and for the other ranks monthly payments would be cool because they prolly are just testing the waters and may lead into them getting nobleman jus sayin UWU.

#3 bruh how can you not make a halloween sale, kinda scuffed but i will accept a post-halloween sale for the boys maybe somewhere from 50% off to 900% off would be kinda cool

#4 quests should be endless and increases in tiers where players can get tokens(#bringbacktokens) where they could use in a ./token shop to buy spawners(expensive),enchantments like silk or sharpness v etc, maybe even a money voucher, or tags.

#5 not a suggestion just saying thanks for reading this essay :heart: -Jibmo and also maybe get rid of slayer UwU and replace it with facs
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You speak the language of the gods. + I agree with all of your points.

Omega definitely has had issues with p2w in the past. As well as the really high rank prices.

Also what you said about slayer:
Slayer was popular... but now nobody gets on it anymore. I feel like factions truly was a backbone to the server, however the main factions developer retired, and there were several other reasons why it was removed. But we shall see.

With a strongly worded essay as this, along with the 900% off sales, anything can happen
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