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A Detailed Suggestion for Omega Realm

Should there be a Factions update?

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Hey there!

Omega Realm is in a state of decay once again with, what I call it, the Dead Zone of the Cycle that I have made up. Instead of being childish about the situation, I'd still rather see changes be made to this passion project and to help it's future.


Survival is one of the main gamemodes of the server and it is in serious need of updates. I understand very well that some of the plugins might not be updated and the final shape of survival is not yet envisioned, but so much more can be done, like an update post, roadmap, or literally anything. Players in the discord have been wanting Survival to reset since it was announced for Summer 2021.

All of my suggestions were given privately in the past and I have no newer suggestions either. I will restate some of them though to paint a picture of what Survival could look like.

  • Add a black market to sell exclusive items like vouchers to make it less pay-to-win, but instead, be able to purchase some of these upgrades in game with in game money.
  • Replace Perm-Fly with some sort of grappling hook and keep temp-fly, but make it obtainable via voting and the black market.
  • Add some rewards for getting highest MCMMO overall or highest balance.

What we all want is just for someone to give us any updates about the future of Survival.


Creative is and was arguably the most popular gamemode in Omega Realm. If you exclude Factions, that's where most of the player base would be at. Nowadays, it's the whole circus of Omega Realm for constant crashing and lack of updates. To be fair, the server is over six years old, so there are going to be issues with stability. So, what if Omega Realm remade Creative? There's the problem. All of the history of which the old Creative held would be wiped, and everyone would be mad.

I've come up with a solution that could satisfy everyone, and it involves a lesser known tool of the Plots plugin. They would announce a reset, and would direct people with a way to save their plots and have it backed up to the server. Using the /plot schematic command, players could backup their plots and have them in the new reset, so nothing would be lost of theirs. So now, they can have a fresh start on their take of Creative.


My great friend, epic person, pal, salty boy Salt made a video discussing the topic of updating KitPVP so check that out.

Also my great friend, epic person, pal, baddie boy BadBad had some KitPVP suggestions and I would like to share a few as well from what he had to say.

Optimization for Lag
Further optimizations (Hard for us to know why, but there's huge lag issues/spikes that are server wide and it's borderline gamebreaking)

New Map
Add a new map that is like the old map. Balanced with different heights, parkour warp, not be a baron wasteland with a couple of houses and trees scattered. (added by me)

New Shop
Add a shop with currency that can add a grind/reason to continue playing, but not like, super expensive strength pots that’ll break the game
Gapples, arrows, golden heads, cosmetic things/particle effects?

Add leaderboards
Top killer, top killstreak, top kdr, (daily, weekly, monthly, alltime)

Rank Cap
Change the rank cap to go higher than 100.

Kit Changes
Speed kits are too OP, it’s the only good kit and should be changed to increase playstyle diversity. At least nerf it to just speed 1
Tank: Make it more tanky, like prot 4 type shit
Horsemaster class: the faster you go, the better weapon you have/more damage you do, smth like that, but you’re a glass cannon
Archer: Make damage increase with consecutive bow shots, or a multishot ability
In Shop, add purchasable "fun" kits. The fun kits were basically Casey's test kits like Frog.

Add quests
(Kill quests, stay in warzone for x time, duel x players)

Events (KOTH, crate drops (money, items, etc.)
Similar to chat games where it’ll only occur with x amount of players online

Bounties could be accessed either by a command or an NPC. (added by me)

New duel types (we have the plugins for things like tnt run, bedwars, etc, why not let people duel each other in the different game modes)
Along with new duel types, if it’s possible, have a 1.9+ duel mode
64 arrows in duels is too many, limit to 8-16
Rename OCN to Classic
New Creative Duels Maps (Not Arcade but like terrain and different balanced and slightly unbalanced maps)
Sumo Duels, Archer Duels, 2v2 Modes of Most Duels

KitPVP could be a great update while waiting for Survival in the meantime, and it wouldn't affect it. What I mean is the server popularity won't leave when Survival releases because it's one of those side gamemodes where it can be enjoyable with a big ticket gamemode like Skyblock or Survival.


Skyblock is already a broken enough gamemode with multiple trial and errors within the two newest seasons. As a person who has played Skyblock intensely, I can say the current season succeeded in the past failures of the last season, but due to shop prices, Skyblock declined because us top dogs were domming them so there is no competition. We proved our point and went on with it.

Here are some things to change if you plan on updating Skyblock in the near future:

  • Make beacons and bamboo/scane lowered at start so there is no outrage when you change it. It is underestimated how much you can make from all three of these. I would know because I witnessed the people who made it.
  • Add more upgrades to unlock. An example would be maybe an addition of a Strength Boost or bigger island border upgrades.
  • Add different multiplier types of Voidchests on the black market.
  • Add limited spawners to the Black Market and get rid of them from the shop/points shop.
  • Make netherite blocks add to your island level.
  • Ramp down prices from points shop. This can go for Survival as well because no one is grinding that much mcMMO.
  • mcMMO is not really needed on Skyblock but its optional.
  • Don't add back the AFK rule.
  • Don't let Peanut "Samantha" Buddar touch Skyblock.


Do not even get me started with Slayer. Before even mentioning how to fix Slayer, just remove it. No one likes it that much. Another thing, if you were trying to fix Slayer, bring the server back up instead of keeping it down for three months.

Now into the suggestions:

  • Remove mcMMO.
  • Expand the map into it's full form.
  • Remove Quests.
  • Add bounties.
  • If you feel like it, a new map would be pretty cool since we had this for almost a year now.
That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I would give more, but the servers have been down so I can't comment on anything.


Factions has been gone for almost a year now, and it would be great for it's full return after Survival's release when player base is moderately high. I have no suggestions for Factions, but it'll just be cool for it to come back.


The server spawn has underwent many changes over the years, and I feel like it might be cool for the old spawn to make a return (the one visible from the current spawn) and every season would have it's own custom spawn based around the original concept. The original spawn would be Winter, then one for Spring, Summer, and Autumn. I personally like the spawn as it speaks to me as the official spawn. Of course, changes will be made for it to fit the modern Omega Realm, but hopefully it'll be mostly the same. And if you are placing staff heads, please update them.


I currently have no problem with events as a whole, but it would be a great idea to start accepting player events and maybe treating the bigger ones as an Event. It would bring more people to these events when the server isn't dead and would give a chance for player's to show off their skills in event making. Examples of player events would be Brannon and Jyuubi's 2020 Halloween Event, my 2020 Christmas Event, and hopefully, the upcoming Omegies Award Show. I have no hope for the upcoming event due to lack of submissions and lack of interest. But that would be solved if it was announced by Omega Realm itself. More people would be interested and join.

Also please accept my Factions Week idea I am sad.


Ranks have been pretty on point for a while up until recently and I am going to discuss my thoughts.

  • Omega rank should be continued to be updated due to the large amount of people who play Omega Realm who have it. Speaking as an Omega person, it feels like we have to pay more money which we don't really want to do for some features that we could get by not paying for it.
  • Ultra and Prism kind of just look like a more balanced cash grab. I have no real issue of the ranks but as the British say, it's not on.
  • The new noob rank should stick to Noob. That's it.
  • #NoobRights. Let noobs speak without spam protection. Any other person with a rank doesn't have spam protection, so it's basically paying to use chat at all. It disrupts commands and is very frustrating for anyone.
  • Promotional Manager rank would be a great addition to help with promotion. See my forum suggestion for more information.


Forums could use an update which would better it a bit.
  • Make regular player's signature length the same as staff's.
  • Add some useable prefixes like "IMPORTANT" or "Question" for some usefulness.
That's really all I can think of but there's definitely more out there.

What I'm trying to accomplish with this is to show awareness for the server as it's lack of updates for this passion project have been very little, but with that comes understanding. I understand that management have lives and I respect that. All I am hoping is for change, and not to be scoffed at for trying to give ideas. I don't want to keep ranting about that topic, but take this seriously.

Despite this, have a great day!
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This is probably going to sound "childish", but I just want to say that I've played back when Omega was more active and it wasn't as if its mechanics were the pinnacle of anything. It seemed similar to your average server in terms of that. The biggest issue is (and I know everybody knows this) just the lack of advertisement. It does not matter how good your server is if it does not attract new players over time, because old players will inevitably leave and lose interest after some time. This itself is a feedback loop because one reason people even bother playing multiplayer is due to the player interaction. If this decreases it will only cause more people to leave.