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Hey,, my name's Tom.
As i'm sure a lot of people on the server are aware of, for about a month now, I've been in the works of making my own castle. It's been taking me a lot of head-bonking and noggin scratching to think of ideas to implement into it and to actually get it to look good.
It's really taken shape and I've gotten... eeh, maybe a fair bit done? but I've also gotten burned out on some parts of the castle. So i moved on to other parts, and then i've even gone and moved on to other stuff not related to the castle to let my mind refresh so i can come back with other ideas.

I've made a lot of progress and i've felt pretty proud of myself for this. but i do like other people's opinions too. So i thought i'd share a speedy timelapse of things i've done and what's to come.


Around this Point is where i got burned out on the castle it's self. So i went and made other things. Things to aid in building the castle


I ran out of ability to share images. but i'll upload more as progress goes.