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    Hello there!

    There have been multiple people that have asked me or other staff questions like "is there a command to report a player?", or "how do i use the ah?", etc. These commands can be easy, but they are tricky for new players.

    With that said, I present to you, the list of the top 25 commands that people should know while playing on Omega Realm.
    Note: These commands are in no specific order, and are my opinions for descriptions.

    /ehelp - Lists the commands available in whatever server you are currently on.
    2) /helpop - Sends a message to staff.
    3) /report - Used to report hackers to staff and the OAC (Omega Anti-Cheat). Usage: /report [Username] [Type of Hacks]
    4) /ptime - Used to change the time of day for yourself. Only works for your account, and mobs still spawn. Usage: /ptime [Time]
    5) /condense or /blocks - Used to convert all ores into blocks.
    6) /seen - Used to see how long a player has been online/offline.
    7) /rules - View the server rules. Please read these so you avoid punishments.
    8 /ah - Gives specific commands related to the auction house. (Survival, Skyblock, and Factions only).
    9) /iteminfo - Shows what a certain item's ID and other information is for Shops. (Survival and Skyblock Only)
    10) /forums - Gives you the link to the Omega Realm forums.
    11) /suggestions - Provides the link to the Omega Realm suggestion thread on the forums.
    12) /kits - Displays what kits you have access to and which ones you have available.
    13) /wwarp - WWarp stands for Welcome Warp. They are used by players who make shops. Usage: Type [Welcome] on the first line of a sign to use this feature. (Survival Only)
    14) /protection - Provides detailed information about the claim plugin and how to use it. (Survival Only)
    15) /f - Provides a detailed command list of faction-related commands. (Factions Only)
    16) /ignore - Used to ignore chat messages from a player.
    17) /mail - Gives a detailed guide on how to send, receive, and other actions related to mail.
    18 /realname - Used to provide the in-game name of a nicked player.
    19) /list - Provides the total player count for the server you are on. Along with groups of players.
    20) /tptoggle - Toggles whether you receive teleportation requests from other players. Useful for YouTubers.
    21) /unlockdrops or /lockdrops - If you die, use unlock/lock drops to alllow/disallow anyone to pick your items up.
    22) /givepet - Gives ownership of a pet to another player.
    23) /trapped - Use if you are trapped in someone else's claim. Teleports you to an unclaimed location. (Survival Only)
    24) /plot - Lists basic Plot commands and descriptions. (Creative Only)
    25) /shop -
    Opens the Shop GUI. (Factions Only)

    I hope this little list helped you! If you find an error or would like to suggest commands to be added here, please mention me (@Penguinyyy) with your suggestion.​
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    Sep 16, 2016
    I remember a couple of years ago when I played Factions, I spent hours each day crafting my iron into iron blocks, thankfully I found out about the /block command after a week or so...
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    works on skyblock too
    this is on skyblock but is /is warp
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    Mar 24, 2018
    Fixed. Thanks!