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This is an industrial ruins competition to do. I’m bored at school and I bet you lads are bored at home and On my way! playing MC.

Hey guys I have a quick building competition. If you would like to compete, then here are the rules.

1. Nothing offensive

2. Make something like Industrial Ruins, put a story on it.

3. You have until the end of January before you can no longer submit anything.

4. Have fun.


Other than that try to do your best to make it look nice, winner gets a title of their choice. Or something else depending on how stuff goes.

The blocks I would suggest using are cobblestone, stone bricks, stones,leaves, grasses, mossy cobble, and all the blocks variations.

It would be interesting to see a reverse of the one that I did, my old one was based around lava, so maybe an ice ruins would look neat. Bonus points if you do that.

Good luck to all the competitors! It