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Custom Enchants Tier Guide

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A quick easy tier guide to the custom enchants on Omega Realm Factions.

- Self Destruct V
- Molten V
- Furnace I
- Berserk III
- Doctor III
- Skill Swipe V
- Headless V
- Implants V
- Experience III
- Oxygenate I

- Burn Shield I
- Hulk II
- Fortify III
- Voodoo III
- Intimidate II
- Slowmo III
- Fast Turn II
- Nutrition III
- Obliterate III
- Snare III
- Rocket III
- Cursed III
- Piercing III
- Venom V
- Mermaid III

- Freeze II
- Ice Freeze I
- Confusion IV
- FeedMe III

- Overlord V
- Ninja II
- Pain Giver IV
- Insomina I
- Drunk III
- Stormcaller V
- Nercomancer III
- Rekt I
- Execute V
- Paralyze III
- Pull III

- Enlightened V
- Savior V
- Valor III
- Angel V
- Tamer V
- Anti-Gravity III
- Inquisitive V
- Blessed III

- Commander V
- Nursey V
- Recover I
- Leadership V
- Guards III
- Infestation II
- Springs V
- Gears III
- Life Steal V
- Double Damage III
- Lightweight III
- Rage III
- Blast III
- Haste III
- Hellforged IV
- Telepathy I

Note: Enchants tier could change at any time to help balance gameplay.
Max 5 Custom Enchants Per Armor Piece and Tools
Any changes to enchant tiers will cause the enchant if not already apply unable to be applied to anything.

Common Changes
Overload V (Changed to Epic)
Viper III (Changed to Rare)
Wither III (Changed to Epic)
Confusion III (Changed to Rare)
Freeze II (Changed to Rare)
Ice Freeze I (Changed to Rare)

Epic Changes
Mermaid III
(Changed to Rare)
Headless V (changed to Common)
Skill Swipe V (changed to Common)
Auto Smelt V (Changed to Rare)

Legendary Changes
Implants V (changed to Common)
Experience III (Changed to Common)
Oxygenate I (Changed to Common)

Ancient Changes
Feedme III
(Changed to Rare)
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