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  1. BlueJay


    Apr 11, 2014
    • Discord is program that allows you all to communicate with each other vocally whether it be while you play on our server or while you surf the forums.


      We have a couple of rules which you're expected to follow when you're in a public channel.

      1. Do not play music or any audio that is not your voice in public channels.
      2. Do not cause arguments or shout, in public channels.
      3. Do not spam the shoutboxes.
      4. Do not advertise other servers.
      5. Do not bring 'Discord bots' into our public channels.
      6. Do not impersonate people in any public channel.

      Joining our Discord

      You can join our Discord by clicking this link:


      Since you are able to select any username on Discord please do not believe who people
      say they are until you get confirmation. Our staff members will have an official rank and an orange name, and our managers will have an official rank and a red name.

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