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    I have been in factions for a while and I am used to a command known as /f perm. However, with the most recent faction reset, there is no /f perm set. I have been having problems with newer faction members destroying territory... I used to be able just to do /f perm set build memer/recruit NO. So, I want to know if they changed it or just flat out removed it. Another thing. I used to be able to set ranks in the factions with /f member or /f recruit (Player's name) and now, I only see /f officer/f setofficer /f moderator /f setmoderator... Is there any commands for recruit and member?

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    Unfortunately the new factions plugin isn't as flexible with faction permissions.
    The only ranks in this faction plugin have preset permissions that you can't change.
    So first off there are only 3 ranks: Recruit, Mod, Admin (Leader)

    To protect your claimed land from recruits in your faction:
    The only way to prevent recruits from editing your claimed territory is by using /f owner <your name> in the chunks you want it in. This command works similarly to the /f access command in the old plugin. This will make it so that recruits can't touch your private claims. However, mods can still edit this these claims regardless if they are set to be claim owners. To see who has access to claims use /f ownerlist.
    *Recruits can still use /f home and /f warp

    To give ranks:
    To give someone mod use /f mod <player name> and to give someone leader use /f admin <player name>. In order to revoke these ranks, you just run the same command again on the person that you want to demote.

    Many others do agree that the MassiveCraft factions plugin was better so it will most likely changed back next map.
    Sorry :/
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