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Factions Season 2 - 5/19/19 - 3PM EST


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Factions Season 2 - OmegaRealm 2019

May 19th, 3PM EST.

Hi everyone!

I'm more than glad to announce Factions Season 2!

This post here will be covering some brand features you’ll be seeing this Factions season, which includes a new spawn and of course a release date!
Moving into the reset of Factions there are tons of changes, so make sure you read it all through if you do not want to miss out any information!

Join us on May 19th, 3PM EST.

Here is the countdown for release:

Top Faction Rewards

Similar to last season, the top 3 ranked factions on /f top after 90 days of reset shall receive the following rewards.

#1 Faction: $100 Store Giftcard
#2 Faction: $75 Store Giftcard
#3 Faction: $50 Store Giftcard

To view the top factions type /f top.
You have 90 days to become the best faction, goodluck.

Congratulations to the following factions on being the top factions for Season 1!

1st: Eternal - $61,409,615,948
2nd: Elite - $15,017,529,710
3rd: OLF - 8,637,120,000

  • NEW! Builds
    • Factions Season 2 will feature a brand new spawn!
    • New warps and NPCs around spawn.
  • UPDATED! Economy
    • The /shop economy has been reworked entirely.
    • Brand new items have been added to shop.
  • NEW! Anti-Wilderness Spawners
    • Spawners no longer spawn mobs of any type in wilderness territory.
  • The border for overworld will be 5,000 x 5,000 ( -5000 -> 5 000)
  • The border for endworld will be 2,500 x 2,500 ( -2500 -> 2500)
  • The border for netherworld will be 2,500 x 2,500 ( -2500 -> 2500)
  • There's a total of 12 corners this reset.
  • UPDATED! Outpost has been reworked to include brand new rewards and benefits.
  • UPDATED! Factions plugin updated!
    • Chest Upgrade's are back!
    • /f fly is back!
    • Faction's perms have been reworked.
    • Overall chances of exploits within the plugin have been reduced to close to none.
  • NEW! Custom VoidChests
  • VoidChests are now limited to 3 per player.
  • You're able to customize your VoidChest by right clicking it.
  • UPDATED! SellSticks
  • SellSticks are now spawned in as a golden hoe instead of a blaze rod to prevent any accidental /sell'ing.
  • Misc Changes
    • Combat mcMMO has been adjusted slightly.
    • Additional dupe methods have been patched.
    • Stacking on unstackable objects is now possible. (chests, enchant tables, etc)
    • /wild is now disabled in combat.
    • Black scrolls have been removed.
    • Tab auto-correct should now be fixed.
    • DeathMessages have been fixed.
    • Trading is back.
    • and a lot more..

Factions Information

Players per faction: 30 players per faction
Power per player: 100
Allies: 1
Maximum Buffer: 20x20 Chunks from the end of the outside base wall.
Full link to the faction rules HERE.

Grace Period

We will be having a one week grace period. This grace period will mean the following things:

  • TNT, Creeper Eggs, and any form of explosions will be disabled.
  • “bitch claims” will be removed off corners and corners only.
  • Factions are limited to claiming only one corner. This includes alt factions. Factions caught claiming more than one corner will have it unclaimed.

For the first hour of the map, the following changes will go into affect to ensure fairness and a smooth reset transition.
  1. /fly will be completely disabled.
  2. /wild will be disabled.

Please note: If you have any suggestions or changes feel free to leave them in the comments.
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Sounds like a whole lot of exciting new factions! :smiley: Can't wait check it out!


Events Team
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WOOO! Can't wait!!!!
*whispers: Who wants to teach me how to be good at factions :thinking face:


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Top Factions for S1 have been updated!

@Endermqn - Eternal
@Bros125 - Elite
@Dizcover - OLF

Start a conversation with me on the forums to claim your top faction vouchers.
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Totally legit f top 1 place btw, didn't abuse any glitches / dupes at start of reset through to the end