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On our forums, we want to create a safe and friendly environment that everyone can enjoy themselves with no troubles. Please familiarise yourself with the forum rules below before posting. Please note that all server rules also apply here.

Rule 1: Do not spam.
Spamming in any forum category, post or profile is unacceptable. Please refrain from posting something more than once. This includes ban appeals etc.

Rule 2: Be respectful.
At omega, we are very strongly against bullying of any kind. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Rule 3: Do not advertise.

Sharing other server IPs or websites will lead to instant punishment.

Rule 4: Do not use our forums as a tool to generate revenue.

Posting commission art/youtube threads, or threads that link to commission related sites, or anything of that nature are strictly prohibited.

Rule 5: Do not use out forums as a tool to recruit for other servers.
Using our forums to find staff and/or developers for your own server, even in private messages, will be heavily punished.

Rule 6: Do not farm likes/posts.
This includes using alts/friends to boost your positive ratings.

Rule 7: Respect staff decisions.

Just like on the server - do not disrespect staff or any of the decisions they make.

Rule 8: No 'Popularity contests' of any kind.

Polls and contests of 'favourite staff' or anything related to that is a form of bullying, so please refrain from doing anything in that nature.

Rule 9: No NSFW/gore content.
Our playerbase is quite young, so please refrain from posting any sexual, violent or inappropriate posts. Try to keep it PG.
Not open for further replies.