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Four Corners (KitPvp Map)

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Hey Hey Hey!

Just today I have finished my Four Corners kit pvp map, along with my friend @Boostinq Props to him also. And together we have decided to make a four corners seasonal map. It might be a little big for Omega Realm Kit Pvp Map (Took up a whole plot) but we want to bring a map where different strategies are good. We made the map good for the Archer kit, so you can hide behind stuff, Sword/Melee Weapons, because if you get low you can run and try to pot/gapple back up, and this map is especially useful for E-Pearls when your low and need to run. The warp if you want to see it is /warp Fourcorners. Without further a do, here's the screenshots.

Notice- @BlueJay If you decide to use this map, Barrier Blocks are used on the river, but not at the lake in the forest biome, just in case you think I forgot to do it, there are no barrier blocks in the lake in the forest biome. Also, I have no preferred spawn points. You may decide that on your own.

Selfie of Builders with the map in the background-

Picture from the corner-

View from above-

Desert Biome-

Snow Biome-

Mooshroom Biome-

Forest Biome-

Thank you for viewing this thread, and tell me what you think in the comments!
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Moving to the new Build Submissions forum, we might look into adding new arenas when it's KitPVP's turn for an update (will stay as 1.8 don't worry).