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How to make Creative not ever crash again.

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Here is any easy to use how to guide on making Omega never crash or lag ever again!
Its 10 simple steps that will make Omega way better and the staff happier and admins even more happy. This ensures creative will always work and everyone will have fun!

Step 1.
Remove the ability to talk
Step 2.
Remove the ability to break
Step 3.
Remove the ability to open your inventory
Step 4.
Remove all w/e commands
Step 5.
Remove the ability to Place
Step 6.
Remove the ability to move
Step 7.
Remove the ability to use commands.
Step 8.
Have only players who have Omega onto the server.
Step 9.
Remove the ability for anyone to join
Step 10.
Enjoy a server that never crashes!
(This is a passive aggressive way to tell the admins to remove the anti-lag plugin, Im not really wanting staff to do this. If staff should do something is add more use off pistons, because like 10 is max before it breaks after activating once.)