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How to Sell Your In-Game Items

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Greetings Omega Realm players!


As I've been on Omega, recently more and more players have asked me or other staff "how do I sell my items" or "how do I create a chest shop". Well, hopefully this tutorial helps all those players who need a little help with selling their items.


Method 1 - Chest Shops
Chest shops are the most convenient way to sell your items to players for in-game money.
To make a chest shop, simply obtain a sign and a chest. Place the sign on the chest, above the chest, or to the side of the chest. Anywhere else and your shop won't work. After you've done this, type the following on the sign (in the exact same order shown here):

And now your chest shop is done! Just place some items into the chest and sell to your demanding customers!

Method 2 - Trade with Players
Trading with players is obviously a simple way to trade your items for in-game money, however, trading usually takes longer, as you interact with a GUI menu.
IMPORTANT: You must be within 15 blocks of the player you wish to trade with. If you are not, you'll receive an error message. This is due to the plugins configuration, and not a fatal error in the plugin. Once you are within 15 blocks of the player you're trading with, go ahead and type /trade <players name>.

Running /trade will open a semi-confusing GUI menu that looks similar to this:

Here is what all of the items in this GUI menu do:
Barriers - Nothing; no point in clicking on them.
Gold Nuggets - Add/Remove currency (in-game money).
Lime Dye - Accept the Trade
Red Dye - Abort the Trade
Experience Bottles - Add/Remove experience points (levels).

To add/remove items from the trade, simply click once on the items you wish to add/remove.


That's it! Your trading partner will surely be pleased!

Method 3 - Auctioning Items
Auctioning items can get confusing, once again to an even more complicated GUI menu. The majority of the items in the auction houses are fairly expensive, but sometimes you get a good steal. Unfortunately, some servers have different auctioning plugins than others, which can make auctions more confusing.
On skyblock and factions:
you can auction your item(s) with /ah sell <price>. Example: /ah sell 1000. This will add your items that you're currently holding to the auction house for anyone to purchase for $1,000 in-game money.
Yellow Box/Arrow is what you'll see once you auction your item(s).
Green Box/Arrow is what command you should run to auction your item(s).
Blue Box/Arrow is the item(s) you wish you auction (that you're holding).

On Survival;
You can auction your items with /auc start <# of items> <starting price> <bid increment> [buyout price].
(< > text is required. [ ] text is not required.)
You'll know if you typed the command correctly or not because if it was successful, a message will appear in chat either saying "<your name> auctions <item>..." or a message saying your auction has been queued.


I hope this helped some of you with selling your items in-game!
If you find a grammer error or a command error, please let me know by replying to this thread.
If you try any of these methods and you get an error or something doesn't work quite right, let me know by replying to this thread and I'll see what I can do to help.

Have a good day/night!