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Info How to Write or Improve your Staff App!


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Hiya hiya! NOTE: UPDATED APRIL 2017

I made this thread because I’ve seen people asking about this, or been asked many, many times: ‘How do I write a good staff app’, or ‘I was told to improve my denied application, how do I do that?’ This thread is designed to answer both questions. I hope you find it useful!
UPDATE: Make sure what you post is 100% yours. We DO check for plagiarized (copied) applications, and you WILL be immediately DISQUALIFIED this round and potentially all future rounds if you CHEAT on your app :( SO DON'T DO IT

DISCLAIMER: Following the advice on this thread is NOT guaranteed to get your staff application accepted! It is only designed to help YOU to improve your chances of that happening, whether you’re writing your application for the first time, or trying to improve on one you’ve already written.

An important point before I get started:

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE ‘Read Before Applying’ thread that Mikgreg made! This is SUPER important! :smiley: And has all the information you need.

You can find it here:

All right, now that I have that out of the way, this is what I’ll be doing here:

This will have 2 parts:

In part one I will give general tips, suggestions, and pointers for writing an application, or to improve on one you’ve already written.

In part two I’ll break down the various sections that Mikgreg asks you to include in your application.

Please make sure you read the first part before moving on to the second :smiley:

Part 1:Overall tips:

    • Spell and grammar check your application before you submit it
    • Don’t write it at the last minute. Take your time and work on it over several days.
    • Copy the template Mikgreg supplies in the ‘READ BEFORE APPLYING’ thread and paste it into Google Docs, Word or whatever writing software you have and work on it from there.
      • Be careful you don’t exceed the Forum’s Word/Character limits tho :smiley:
    • Even if a staff position at Omega Realm isn’t a paid one, you are still applying for a job. Take the application seriously.
    • Don’t write your app like you’re texting it. Spell out your words and don’t use abbreviations. Example: OMG IDK ROFLCAKES or whatever
    • Length: There is no specific length your application needs to be. HOWEVER: if it’s less than 1,000 or so words, you should probably go back and expand on some points.
      • This might sound like a lot, but if you follow the suggestions in part 2, it won’t be that difficult to reach a higher word count.
    • Spell and grammar check your application before you submit it.
    • Once your app is done, ask a friend to check it over for you and make suggestions. Unless they’re a close friend, please don’t bug staff to read it for you.
    • Be HONEST. Staff check into the things you put on your application, so just be honest. Lying on it will just get it rejected.
    • Break your application into paragraphs, don’t submit the dreaded ‘wall of text’
    • Make sure you’re writing your own application. If you copy someone else’s or get someone else to write it for you, then you’re submitting THEIR application, not yours. It’s best that it comes from YOU and you’re not starting things out with the bad impression an application not made by you can give.
Once the application is submitted:

Be PATIENT. Please don’t bug the staff about your app.

Don’t give up! If you’ve been rejected, or are rejected in the future, it doesn’t mean that your chances are gone! I won’t say who, but the record number of rejections before being accepted for staff was 12. So don’t get discouraged!

Part 2:

Writing or improving your Application:

A general note I’d like to make: Please don’t copy what I say word for word, or feel that you have to touch on every point I make. These are just general suggestions. Also: Spell and grammar check your application before you submit it!

IGN - Who are you? (For those who don't know, this is your current name in the game)

Previous IGN - be honest and list them all, and alts if any

Age/Timezone- self explanatory and will help us choose your mentor :smiley:

Have you donated before: This is important because donating helps to show support for our server and shows you're invested in the future of Omega. You do NOT have to have a Rank to be eligible to apply, but you MUST have donated at least once for ANY of our packages.

Are you able to record and Upload to YouTube?: This is VITAL as there are several forms of rule-breaking that we require VIDEO evidence to use as ban evidence. If you don't have the ability yet, I STRONGLY suggest acquiring the programs and a YouTube account as it will be very difficult to do your task as a proper Staff Member of Omega Realm without this

Servers you are most active on: This doesn't mean other servers aside from Omega. What we're asking is: Where do you spend most of your time on Omega? Survival, Factions, KitPvP, etc. :smiley:

Scenario Questions: These are very important and you should make sure to answer them! I won't be giving tips on answering these beyond that as the answers should come from YOU entirely! :smiley:

What would make you a good staff member?

This part is REALLY important! This is where you SELL yourself. I’m not saying to brag, but things you could include are:

    • Your best qualities
    • Past experience as staff (on this server or other servers/realms)
      • If you DO have prior experience as staff, it’s a good idea to list where and what your responsibilities or experience as staff was.
    • If you have no past experience, what will you do to ensure you become an exemplary staff member?
    • How long have you been a part of the Omega Realm community?
    • What can or will you bring to the team?
      • Could be qualities like: good team player, positive, friendly, etc.
    • How well do you work with others?
    • What is your reputation on the servers you frequent?
      • Note: I am NOT asking ‘are you popular?’ because that’s not important.

      • What I’m saying is: If we asked the players on those servers, what kind of person would they say you are? -reliable, trustworthy, etc.
    • Any other things about you that would make you a great choice?
This section should be 1 to 2 or more paragraphs. I’m serious. This part is really important, and shouldn’t be just a few sentences.

Why are you applying?

    • What inspired you to apply?
    • What is it about Omega Realm that makes you want to help?
    • What do you want to do as a staff member?
    • Are you ready to commit a lot of time and effort into being a staff member?
This section is also important and should be more than a couple of sentences. You’re trying to convince staff that you’re really ready to be staff and that your motivations will be a good addition to the team.

Have you had any punishments here in the past?

BE HONEST HERE! Lying will likely get you rejected. Staff DO check on this! That being said, having had punishments in the past isn’t an immediate disqualifier. If you’re not sure about your past punishments, you can go here:

Enter your current IGN to check your history.

If you have had punishments in the past: list what they were, when and why.

THEN: Tell how you have changed! Did you learn from your mistakes? How? What are you doing differently since then, or what will you do differently? Be honest. This is your chance to prove that you are able to learn from your past mistakes and move on to be a better person and player in Omega Realm’s servers.

Is there anything else I should add?

Be yourself, really. A lot of people include some kind of closer at the end of their application. This can be a simple summary statement of why you’d like to be staff and why you are a good choice, a funny joke or quote, or even just a thank you for looking over your app.

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This is amazing!!! It really helped me to apply yesterday! I followed every step you said!!!! Thanks for mking it! I think you deserve Mod for this!!!!!!!!!!!!