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Minecart Despawning

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Hello everyone!
When the new map started, minecarts didn't despawn in any condition: still minecarts stayed still and moving minecarts kept moving.
After last week, when Management was making tweaks on the server to reduce lag, all minecarts started despawning shortly after they are placed.
I'm aware that minecarts may cause lag to the server although, considering that they create a world of possibilities when it comes to survival gameplay, I don't think that making them randomly despawn is justified.
To clarify, I'm not referring to minecarts with players or mobs inside (those don't despawn) or empty minecarts, but talking about minecarts with hoppers or chests.

  • Super Smeltery
  • Item transportation
  • Storage System
  • Farms
  • ...

My suggestion is then to make minecarts with chests and hoppers not randomly despawn, allowing players to use them reliably.

Thank you for reading my suggestion, have a good day!