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Murder Mystery!


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Hello all!
I would like to welcome you to the Murder Mystery event!

Here’s how it works:
The participants are split into 3 groups; innocent (80%), murderer (10%) and detective (10%).

The innocents go around collecting gold, when they get 10 gold, they get a bow and a limited amount of arrows. Collecting another 10 gold will give another set of bow and arrows. The innocent's job is to survive and kill the murderer.

The detectives start with a bow that allows an arrow to be shot every 5 seconds, with no need to collect gold. Their aim is to survive and shoot the murderer.

The murderers job is to kill everyone! They recieve a sword that they can throw using the right mouse button.

Around the map there are 2 cauldrons that will give a random potion at the cost of 1 gold, and an altar in which after putting gold into the enchantment table, flicking a lever will either curse you or give you an advantage in the game.

The event will take place Saturday June 20th at 8PM GMT / 3PM EST / 12PM PST

Any survivor that kills a murderer and becomes a “Hero” will gain a “Survivor” tag.
Any detective that kills a murderer will gain a “Sherlock” tag.
Any game where the murderers win, the murderers of that round will gain a “Slayer” tag.

We hope to see you there!​