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Spotlight New stuff around the Map

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Before I start the post, I want to share a little bit of history about me, If you dont care skip down. About a year and a half ago I came across Cr0ssley's plot. He became a HUGE inspiration for what I am now. Even now I go and take a look at other people's plots to see if there are any tricks I can take away from them. So now im trying to be like the inspiration for others like Cr0ss and Telsa are to me.(I didnt know about Tesla till bout 6 months after I knew about Cr0ss) If you guys want to check anything out and maybe try something of your own after you see mine. I will be glad to take a look at it. Thats all from me. Goodbye!

NEW - Mesan
Overview of the town -
Inner town, right, Outer town, Left -
Barracks and Military Training -
Ares- The Mesan's Warship - (144 blocks long)
The Falkenheim -

NEW - Other stuff -
Kuisikan -
Northern Ship -
Arctic Biome WIP -


NEW - Inita changes

First off is some cliffs added to make it fit
More cliffs
Even more, who would have guessed
New area added, before the area was just some trees and it looked horrible, its name is Inita Falls -
Top of the cliff

NEW - Karboldihr

Entrance and statue -
Inside major changes - -
Middle of city, This is where the mine is -
Castle Boldihr -
The mine entrance -

Different cliffs with magic Dungeon
- Another view
- new Barriers

So first off are the Bakery and the Tavern. The old tavern was shabby and sucked. Now in place of the wood pile is the Bakery.

Back of Tavern -

Stables -

Front of Tavern -

The Tavern is a place where most gather to drink or sleep in the INN on the second floor which features 2 rooms

Small Room -

Large room -

Downstairs features all your favorites from Drinks to Food from the Bakery, Cooked fresher than fish!

The Bakery serves fresh bread, cake and other essentials!

Front of Bakery -

Back of Bakery -

Backroom of Bakery -

Thats it for buildings inside the Town Walls

NEW This is the knew chapel that totally didnt come from somewhere else. -

NEW This is the woodshop and Windmill all in one -
Back of Woodshop and Church -
Windmill -

NEW Warehouse inside the walls -
Other angle inside Warehouse -
Inside locked side of warehouse -

NEW New Chapel inside the walls, Might change it so it is different from the other 3 -

Small farm shack (Based off of Lemon Fox's design - (
) - (people complained about the glare even though its just scenic - )

Tower in Snow area -

Thats all for buildings
Now onto Trees!

I replaced all the old trees in the forest near the Mesa and the Docks. -
(Spent 4 hours on it, 3 on making the TWO TYPES, then another hour fixing stuff.)

Another shot of the trees -

Overview of the Forest -

Now onto Misc

Completely ripped out all the snow and replaced it all with a better suited version -

Secondary shot over the Terkan Snowland -

NEW Karboldihr entrance ruined up -
Planning on finishing up the rest eventually, Just not right now.

NEW Ships - -The Dryad
- - Also The Dryad

- - A BE trader (Its distinguishable with its 3 mast system. (Glad im not the one pulling them up with the Halyard.)

NEW Cliffs -

Tower and Cliffs - (Cant take credit for how good the tower looks now, that credit is due to __Lloyd__)
Other angle in the light -
Also added some more stuff to get up to the tower -

Thanks for tuning in, glad to see you back, if you have any ideas on what I should add, just ask! Ill be glad to help anyone.
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It does have to omega look to it, I'd love to see some of this put in around the server. Great work and beautiful creations, keep it up.