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"Omega Weekly" #5

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"Omega Weekly" #5
Welcome to the fifth issue of Omega Weekly, heavily inspired off of the What's Going on Omega Realm Series. Sorry for yet another late post, school just started.

Staff News
Nothing new is happening with Staff right now.

Event News
Nothing new is happening with Events right now.

Survival Politics
  • It is rumored that the last Omegaburg 2021 Debates video releases today. It has been anticipated since May when the elections took place.
  • The possibility for a 1.18 Survival Reset is now more likely as we are heading into Fall with no updates. I would personally assume there would be a major post planned for the 9th Server Anniversary where they explain upcoming things.​
School Wave Officially Hits Omega
Player count might see an all-time low as school is starting back up again. Who knows how long this will last however with resets in the near future.

9th Server Anniversary Almost Here
The server turns nine this coming Saturday on 9/11/21. Happy birthday Omega Realm.

Recent Omega Realm Uploads:

Thanks for reading the fifth issue of Omega Weekly.