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(Re)Introducing Slayer!


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Hello everyone!

After a 4 year absence from the network, we are finally re-introducing Slayer as a gamemode on Omega Realm. This hasn’t really been the best kept secret for the past while, but I’m glad to finally reveal it in full to all of you. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve got in store for you.

What is Slayer?

For those of you who didn’t play the original gamemode back in 2015, the objective of Slayer is to kill as many mobs and other players as possible, each time you do this you earn some money. As soon as you have enough money you can /rankup, unlocking new kits.

There are 8 ranks to work through:
Noob, Noodle, Nugget, Medic, Warrior, Tryhard, Spy, Uber

Once you reach Uber you can prestige back to Noob, all the way up to prestige 5.

The Map

I’m glad to let you guys know that Slayer will be returning with it’s original map, with some updates here and there to freshen it up for newer versions of Minecraft.

Some parts of the map are still under construction, we’ll be revealing more parts to explore as time goes on. You’ll see these areas marked with construction walls around the map.

I encourage everyone to explore as much of the map as you can, there’s a stunning amount of small details including updated interiors for the buildings and even a hidden sewer system.

I’d like to give a massive, massive thank you to those who were involved in the building efforts for the updated Slayer City map.
@Kevin @Instygan @hailey539

The Spawn

As well as the city map, the original spawn from the 2015 version will be making a return with some updates.

Spawn will also now feature a leaderboard for those who have dealt the most damage.

A huge thank you to @PeanutBuddar for the work she’s done to beautify the spawn.

Boss Battles

The new Slayer server will feature boss battles! Every 6 hours a boss will appear in the arena, defeating the boss will earn you a large prize to help you rank up faster.
You can teleport to the arena by typing /warp arena

Thank you to @PeanutBuddar @casey @hailey539 for creating the boss arena, it came out amazing!


Also new to Slayer are quests, at the Spawn you will see an NPC you can click to undertake various tasks to earn yourself some extra money.
Quests can involve killing a certain amount of mobs, playing for a certain amount of time, even fishing on the city’s beach!


Completing quests, ranking up and winnings from crates now also gives you points.
You can use these points in the /shop to purchase items such as golden apples, potions, pets and new weapons.

Some extra things…

Some other new features include bonuses for killstreaks and fulfilling bounties.

We’ve also added some new Slayer-specific tags to the server store, as well as keys for the OP Crate found in Spawn.
Thank you for supporting us to stay online through purchasing items from our store.

Thanks for reading!

I’d like to thank all of you for your patience in waiting for us to be ready to re-release this gamemode, we’ve been teasing it for well over a year now and it’s finally ready to give to you. Many different people came together to make this happen, and I’m thankful to Omega’s management, staff and community members that all chipped in.

Slayer will be open for players on
Saturday 10th October @ 8PM BST (UK) / 3PM EDT (US EAST)

See you there!​


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this'll bring back some fond memories for sure, and who knows maybe some old-time players might re-join :heart: