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Interested in being a staff member for Omega Realm? Cool!

The Omega Realm Helper Program aims to recruit select members of our community to help us out with keeping the community safe from rule-breakers. Our staff team is expected to spend their time on the server watching chat, reading and dealing with reports and helping players with any issues that they may have.
As a Helper, you will practice and learn how we deal with these instances and we will choose a select few to progress onto becoming Junior Mods and full Moderators.

We're always looking for more people to help us out with this, so if this sounds like something you'd like to do then this is the page for you!


Being a member of our team comes with many awesome benefits! Such as:

- Test out new features before they're released on the server
- Occasional staff meetings where you can give server suggestions directly to managers
- The chance to make many new friends in our private staff channels
- Various in-game perks


To be considered as a new addition to our Helper program you must:

- Be aged 13 or over
- Have a valid Google account
- Have a Discord account and be in the Omega Realm server ( )
- Be an Omega Realm donor, past or present
- Be able to record and upload videos to YouTube
- Be able to take screenshots and upload them
- Be able to contribute at least 6 hours to the server per week*
*We will make exceptions to this if you notify us of anything that may keep you from being online

Additional Notes

Here's some things you should also know before applying to our Helper program:

- You will have to prioritize moderation over gameplay, however you are still able to do both
- Applications must abide with our forum's word/character limit
- We will not accept any links to external documents such as google docs. Please post them as threads in the correct section.
- Your application must be your work alone, if it is found you were helped or you copied it'll be denied.
- Don't apply if it's likely you will be too busy or will lose interest soon after, it's near impossible to rejoin the team after you have left.

Application Form

Now that all that reading is done with, here's the form.
In order to apply to our Helper Program you will need to fill this form out and submit it in the Staff Applications forum section when the applications are open.

Please put as much effort into this as possible, longer and more detailed applications tend to be considered more over shorter ones.
There's an awesome guide here to applying if you're stuck:

Minecraft Username:
Previous Username(s):
Have you donated before:
Are you able to record and upload to YouTube:
Server(s) you are most active on:
Past punishments:
Why are you applying:
What would make you a good staff member:
Any past experience:

Scenario Questions

1. You have caught your friend breaking the server rules. What do you do?
2. You have punished someone on the server, they are now calling you abusive. How do you react?
3. You have noticed another staff member abusing their permissions in some way. What do you do next?
4. Somebody is asking you a question in chat but you don't know the answer. What is your next step?
5. Something has happened on the server and everybody is freaking out and spamming. What would you do?
6. Your friend has asked you to spawn in just a small item for them. What do you say?

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