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Discussion in 'Graphics / Art' started by 404_name_missing, Feb 6, 2019.


Is this any better than my previous attempt at making trippy art with RGB Mashing?

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  2. Yeah, it was fine.

  3. It was mediocre.

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  4. It kinda sucked.

  5. Another worthless bunch of RGB mash?

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  1. 404_name_missing

    Sep 24, 2016
    Oh, goody, another of 404_name_missing's trippy color-channel mixing things. *sarcastic clapping at a 1-clap-per-second interval*

    I generated a bit of Circular Gallifreyan (Sherman's Gallifreyan) with a Java applet I found online.

    I made 2 iterations, one with the annoying lines on the right, and the other with the annoying lines on the left, spliced the two images together in MS Paint, removed the middle line, then added some "runes" next to the Gallifreyan text, then I put "alien text" (don't ask me what planet that's from) in the corners.

    I then saved the image and threw it in the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

    Yes, it was a plain, black and white and grey image before I modified it.

    I think you know how I did this, too.

    I'm not going to reveal my "secret art" for anyone.

    Not because it's a secret (someone who knew how to use the GNU Image Manipulation Program could easily replicate it) but because if someone's gonna rip off my style, they're gonna have to work to do it.

    I'll just let you know this: I used a lens distort for the "TV" effect.

    (If you tried to read it, it would come out as JABA (Maybe the alien text is Jabba the Hutt's handwriting?) because I made a stupid move and removed the 4 lines. Well, ain't that just fantastic.)

  2. Cr0ssley

    Apr 8, 2016
    Pretty good all things considered, this is an art style, try taking pictures of places and doing this, but using different pictures for each channel