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Reduce the Alchemy Level Requirement for Rank 50 (rank 48) From 1500 to 1000


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TL;DR Alchemy takes too long to grind, making rank 50 virtually unobtainable. The way to fix this would be to reduce the skill requirement from 1500 to 1000.

The requirement to get from alchemy 0 to 1000 is already insane, requires about 60 hours of constant brewing, not including the time required to get the materials for it. (glass bottles, nether wart, glowstone, gunpowder, etc.) requiring dubs and dubs of each material. And not to mention, building a potion grinder, filling up bottles, etc. This and it'll require more time to get from 1000 to 1500, meaning you'd have to genuinely no life this one stat to get rank 50.

Getting rank 50 is virtually unobtainable because of this (at least before the next reset), however, if the level requirement was reduced to 1000 for rank 50, then it would give people a chance at it. It's still incredibly difficult, alch 1000 is nothing to scoff at, not including all of the other skills required, but it's primarily alchemy that is holding the player base from ranking up.