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Server Downtime - 3rd/4th August


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Hi everyone!

I believe I owe you all an explanation for why the server has been down for most of this weekend.

As you all may know, Omega Realm has been on MC versions 1.8/1.11 for quite some time now, for a mixture of reasons.
For our 1.8 servers (Factions + KitPVP), it's kept that way because players tend to like the PVP experience on that version more.
For our 1.11 servers (the rest), it's kept that way because we have been unable to upgrade due to outdated software.

We'd really like to start pushing our 1.11 servers up to newer versions, but this involved overhauling a lot of the core stuff our server uses to run,
which is what we've attempted this weekend. Here's a quick rundown for those who are interested.

Server Proxying

Proxying is what glues our network together. Omega Realm isn't just one Minecraft server, it's actually many glued together to appear like one.
When you go from our lobby into Skyblock, you're going from one server to another. Minecraft doesn't do this natively, we need special software
to allow us to do this.

The problem is, the proxying software we've been using for this for years doesn't play nicely with us above MC 1.11. So, what we've needed to do is completely
remove our old software we've been using for the past 5 years and put in a new one. Unfortunately this process took longer than expected, but now we have
it in place we think it will have big pay-offs in terms of future server upgrades.


Our permissions software is the part of the server that gives you commands you're allowed to use, and blocks you from using ones you shouldn't be.

Unfortunately again for us, this core piece of software we've been using for many years lost compatibility from MC1.11 upwards. As part of this weekend's behind
the scenes upgrades we have completely replaced and overhauled our permissions system, allowing us to start exploring beyond 1.11.

Overall, we've really had to redesign the whole network over the weekend. But, we think it will be worth it.

To make up for the downtime...

Since you guys have lost a weekend's play on the server, we think its only fair that we throw in some treats to reward your patience.

50% SALE
Across all items on the store, all week.

(Re)introducing - Friends System
After a few-year hiatus, we've finally brought back the Friends system on Omega Realm.
Type /friend and /party on the server to navigate the new system.

Cross-server Messaging
Want to message your friend in Factions, but you're playing Skyblock? Not a problem.
Your /msg will now travel across all servers.

In-game Reporting
You can now report rule-breakers to online staff with /report
An online staff member will message you to say they're dealing with your report.
You will still need to report to this website if no staff member is available to deal with your report.


That's all I have for today.
Again, I apologise for the time it took us to apply these changes, but, newer MC versions are on the horizon.

And on that topic, make sure to suggest features you'd like to see in an upcoming Survival revamp HERE.
Report any issues you have found relating to permissions changes in this upgrade HERE.


Thanks for reading.
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Hopfully this means Creative will see an update soon, we're in dire need of new building blocks
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muchas gracias on cross server messaging and friends list !!! Hope to see updates like this come out more often.