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As a player on Omega Realm, you are expected to follow a set of rules in order to maintain a good enjoyable experience for everyone. Contrary to this, if you catch anyone breaking these rules, you should report them HERE.

Don't spam
This includes, sending the same or similar message/s multiple times, spamming commands and spamming random characters.

Don't start spam waves
This is when you get other players to spam public chat.

Don't send fake messages
This is when you manipulate colour codes to make it look like another user sent a particular message, or you sent a private message when you didn’t.

Don't hackusate
This is when you call a player out for hacking. If you suspect someone is hacking, report them to a staff member or record them and create a player report HERE.
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Keep chat appropriate
You should not be sending messages unfit for minors, specifically, messages that contain graphic, sexual or violent content.

Don’t expose vanished staff members
If you’re aware that a staff member is in vanish, don’t try to expose them in public chat.

Be respectful at all times
This includes constant rudeness, bullying, name calling, unkind remarks and general nastiness. If it’s not nice, don’t say it. Staff will decide if something is severe enough to be classed as disrespect or not.

Don’t use hate speech
Hate speech could be a statement intended to offend a particular group of people. This will not be tolerated. Neither will derogatory remarks. This includes use of the n-word or f-word.

Don’t send inappropriate links
This is when a user sends a link that leads to NSFW websites/images. This could be gory images or pornography.

Don’t threaten to DDoS others
This is when you threaten to disconnect a player from the server with malicious intent. Avoid joking about this

Don’t send phishing links
This is when a user sends a link in chat designed to steal information from you. If a link looks unsafe, don’t open it.

Keep /nicknames appropriate
Nicknames should not be long and spammy and should not break any other rules.

Don’t advertise other servers
This is when you encourage other users to join another server.

Don’t leak personal information
This consists of giving out otherwise private information that should not be shared.

Don’t safezone
This is when a user goes from a PvP-enabled area to a PvP-disabled area to avoid getting killed.

Don’t combat log
This is when two or more people are fighting and one logs out. For it to be against the rules, their combat tag must have expired, meaning they don’t lose their items and don’t get killed.

Don’t fly out of combat
This is when somebody flies out of PvP to save themself from dying. Usually for this to work their combat tag has to expire.

Keep builds appropriate
Inappropriate builds are not tolerated. This consists of swastikas and other offensive images perhaps related to tragedies. If we find one, it will be removed instantly. If you’re unsure if a build is considered inappropriate or not, feel free to ask a staff member.

Don’t scam or trick players
Typically, this is when you give a player money expecting something in return, but get nothing. To avoid being scammed, use /trade, as this allows both parties to swap items at the same time. This is allowed on Factions.

Don’t trap players
This is when you teleport to another user and they trap, and usually, kill you. They will often advertise free items, so if you do decide to teleport to someone doing this, be aware of the possible consequences. This is allowed on Factions.

Don’t portal trap players
Similar to regular trapping, this is when another user teleports you into a nether portal. This means that you can’t type in chat. Most of the time they will cover the portal, meaning you’re stuck there. If you find yourself stuck in a nether portal contact a staff member and they will teleport you out.

Don’t grief
This is when you destroy a structure, kill animals or steal items from someone. Staff will determine whether this is major or minor.

Don’t claim grief
This is when you claim another users build or claim within 100 blocks of their land. You can claim within 100 blocks of another user if they allow you to, however, if you’re taking up space, your claim could be removed as well as your build.

Don’t evade punishments
This is when you’re banned or muted and you go on an alternative account to bypass the punishment. We do not take this lightly.

Don’t use mods that give you an unfair advantage
Also known as hacking, this is when you use clients or mods that give you an unfair advantage. This is most commonly seen in the form of PvP hacks. There’s a guide further explaining these HERE.

Don’t call staff out for abuse
If you think a staff member is breaking the rules or abusing their powers, you should report them HERE rather than telling anyone, as this ensures that they are dealt with properly.

Don’t exploit bugs or glitches
If you are aware of any bugs on Omega Realm you should report them HERE. You should not make use of these bugs and you should avoid telling others about them.

Don’t start arguments
We ask that you disengage yourself from arguments, as well as not starting or fueling them.

Don’t harass others
This is when you constantly message or annoy player against their will, whatever your intentions are. If this happens to you /ignore the player and report them.

Don’t impersonate others
This is when a player uses /nickname to make it look like they’re another player.

Don’t try to crash or lag our servers
Intentionally lagging or crashing the server is not allowed. This could be done with lag machines or various other glitches. This will not be taken lightly.

Don’t fake evidence in player reports
Don’t fabricate evidence to make it look like a player broke a rule when they didn’t. Evidence used in reports must be full, uncropped, screenshots or videos.

No PvP in PvE
PvP is disabled on certain servers for a reason. However, people still find ways to kill others. If you’re caught doing this you will be punished.

Don’t use spam bots
Spam bots, in this case, are multiple accounts that get on and spam the same, or similar, message or command.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with one of our staff members or create a thread HERE.

Click HERE for more on our Factions rules.

If you feel you have been unfairly punished on the server, you can appeal your punishment HERE.
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