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/shop improvements

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There are several improvements that would be helpful for increasing the productivity of the /shop. Here is a list of these improvements:

1. add buttons and levers, everyone hates crafting these constantly!
2. The people who run the /shop should review each item in the game and determine its value. This could be based on how easy it is to obtain (like how rabbit feet are incredibly rare on this server), and how useful it is (like Iron Golem Spawners). Put this data into the /shop, so people can sell these items. However, do not add these items to the /shop, as it will make them less valuable, only make them sell-able. Also, put this data in each item in the Auction House, so people don't get scammed.
3. Searching for items on the /shop would make finding items much easier, so please add a searching system.
4. People should have a "frequently used" category for the /shop, so items they use a lot are quick to purchase.
5. Fix the "buy more" option, it doesn't work.

Thank you for reading my suggestions, and I hope they can be used to improve the /shop.