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SkyBlock Season 2 - 6/16/19 - 3PM EST


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SkyBlock Season 2 - OmegaRealm 2019

June 16th, 3PM EST.

Hi everyone!

I'm more than glad to announce Skyblock Season 2!

This post here will be covering some brand features you’ll be seeing this SkyBlock season, which includes a new spawn and of course a release date!

Moving into the reset of SkyBlock there are tons of changes, so make sure you read it all through if you do not want to miss out any information!

Join us on June 16th, 3PM EST.

Here is the countdown for release:

Top Island Rewards

Starting next season, the top 3 ranked islands on /is top after reset shall receive the following rewards.

#1 Island: $100 Store Giftcard

#2 Island: $75 Store Giftcard

#3 Island: $50 Store Giftcard

To view the top islands type /is top.

You have until reset to become the best island, goodluck.

Custom Bosses

This season we’re introducing bosses to SkyBlock. Across warzone a variety of custom bosses will be automatically spawned holding some valuable loot for any players that kill them. But be careful, these bosses are dangerous and each have their own special abilities.

Here’s some examples of an unknown bosses abilities:
  • Throw - Sends a player flying into the air.
  • Freeze - Traps you in a slime cage temporarily.
  • PoisonGas - The queen spits poisonous gas on you, poisoning you temporarily.
  • Enraged - The queen is enraged, her damage is doubled.
  • Fireball - Shoots fireballs.
  • Slow - Casts extreme slowness on you.
  • Slam - Knocks all nearby players backwards.

New SkyBlock Core

We’ve gone ahead and updated from our old skyblock plugin to something brand new and up to date. Have complete control of your island now with all these features that we’re introducing:
  • Brand new island upgrades
  • New island leveling system -
  • You can now edit permissions for island visitors, members, operators, and co-op players.
  • View your island members with added on statistics -
  • You can now edit your islands biome.
  • Choose the time and weather inside your island.
  • View which members have been banned from your island via gui.
  • See which players have visited your island via gui.
  • Customize your island border completely with options such as a red border, blue border, green border, or even no border!
  • And many more features…

Custom Enchants

This season we’re going to be introducing SkyBlock to our completely revamped custom you may have seen in factions already. If you’re not familiar, we’ve gone ahead and completely revamped our custom enchantments system to include a brand new tier of enchantment books, and numerous other useful enchantment items.

You can access this enchantment menu by typing /ce in-game.


VoidChests are something brand new being introduced to SkyBlock. These magical chests have the ability to automatically sell any items inside of it every 30 seconds. You’re able to customize your VoidChest to your liking inside of it’s neat GUI.


  • NEW! Builds
    • SkyBlock Season 2 will feature a brand new spawn!
    • New warps and NPCs around spawn.
  • UPDATED! Economy
    • The /shop economy has been reworked entirely.
    • Brand new items have been added to shop.
  • NEW! Envoys
    • Envoys will spawn around warzone every two hours.
  • Brand new pvp arena (warzone)
  • Skyblock has been updated to 1.12.
  • New /help menu has been added.
  • /marry is back in Skyblock.
  • UPDATED! SellWand are now golden hoes instead of blaze rods.
  • UPDATED! SkyBlock plugin updated!
  • NEW! Custom VoidChests
  • VoidChests are now limited to 3 per player.
  • You're able to customize your VoidChest by right clicking it.
  • Misc Changes
    • Combat mcMMO has been adjusted slightly.
    • Additional dupe methods have been patched.
    • Black scrolls have been removed.
    • DeathMessages have been fixed.
    • Trading is back.
    • ClearLagTimer added to scoreboard.
    • ChatMath added to chat.
    • and a lot more..

Please note: If you have any suggestions or changes feel free to leave them in the comments.
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