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Skywars event


Events Manager
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Hey everyone!
On August 8th at 12 pm EDT we will be having the Skywars event!

First thing first, we have created a new event spawn! When joining the event server make sure to follow the sea lantern path towards the portal, this portal will teleport you to the current event which in this case it will send you to Skywars event spawn.

Built by DuckieDarling & Hailey539

How to play
You will have three items in your inventory which include a diamond, gold ingot, and an eye of ender. The diamond will open a menu which will be used to join the skywars map. The events team will inform everyone when you’re able to join the skywars map, please refrain from joining before they give the word! The gold ingot is used in the same way as the diamond but the only difference will be that instead of joining the map you will spectate the game. This will remain mostly if not completely unused but is there if you decide to spectate a game instead of actually playing. The eye of ender opens a menu which you can use to change things such as the cage you spawn in over your island, change particle effects, kill sounds, win sounds, and taunts! Feel free to look through all of these options, you will be given time to review them before each game.

Once you join the game you will be entered into a glass cage, unless you customize your cage, above your island. In your first slot you will have an eye of ender, this eye of ender allows you to select kits! Kits do not dramatically change gameplay and no kit will give a player a significant advantage if one at all. A kit is not necessary to play but if you wish the option is there!

Finally the most important bit of information when it comes to the gameplay itself, we will be having multiple rounds. We will have a total of 10 rounds, the first 9 rounds do not count towards anything and are mainly there to have fun and get used to the game! Our 10th and final round will be the one that truly counts, the winner of that round will win the event and get the prize!

$10 store coupon

1. No teaming (this is disqualifiable!)
2. Do not enter games without word from the events team

Good luck all! Have fun and I hope to see you there!​