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The Future of Omega Realm

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Hi Everyone

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I wanted to be the one to personally let you know what our current plan for the future of Omega Realm is. Before I get into all of it, I would like to give an extra special thank you to the community who have stuck with us thus far, Omega’s 7th birthday was a few months ago and it’s crazy to think that some of the members who were with us back then are still with us even today, the fact we still get to do this so many years later is only possible thanks to you guys.

This update might be a bit long-winded, but I want to be as open and transparent as possible with what our ideas and thoughts for this server are.

Server Resets

To get us started off, we wanted to let you guys know that we have heard your feedback about the past few server resets we’ve done. We know that we’ve not been great at implementing community ideas, we know there’s been issues with announcing features and these never making it to the final version of the server, and also with bugs that aren’t addressed in time.

Omega Realm is a passion project of myself, Matthew and the management and staff of the server. Nobody gets paid for the contributions they make, which has admittedly had the effect of putting Omega on the backburner as some of us get busier in our personal lives. The result of this is server resets done only in the limited free time we have that are done fast as we can, and while I don’t think any of them have been bad, we know they’ve missed out features you’ve been asking for.

After some extensive discussion between myself, Matthew, management and the staff of the server, we know it’s honestly time for us to do better.

We would like to pledge that server resets done from here on out are fully built around the suggestions of the community. We’d love to open up threads on the forum for resets a few weeks in advance and discuss one to one what to add or change instead of just springing updates on you guys, we honestly believe its the best way to do these resets going forward.

We will be opening up a number of these threads throughout the next few days and I’d like to ask that anyone who has any sort of wishes or feedback for the server, submit them. We’ve never been more motivated to build this server around the ideas that you guys have.

Honestly, it has never been more important in the history of this server that we take your considerations into account.

Moderation & Rules

The way that we enforce the rules on the server has been a hot topic for a very long time, and I think it’s finally time that I properly addressed it. Our staff team has been plagued with miscommunication and ill-training for a long time now, which results in players getting punished for things that they shouldn’t be. I think it’s really important for the server going forward that there is a focus on the retraining of staff and clarification of what the rules are and what is truly punishable.

It’s important for us to maintain a set of community rules so that players are able to have a fun environment to be in, but they shouldn’t be overarching and affect the way you play the game.

Going forward, we don’t really see a better solution than to wipe the slate clean for all players and start anew. This means all history of bans (active and inactive), warnings, kicks, mutes, and everything else will be purged from every player’s history.

It’s time that we take a more lax approach to moderating the server, while still maintaining the core rules that protect everyone.

We will purge player punishments on Saturday morning, please don’t take this as an excuse to break the rules, it’s time that the staff and players work together instead of two separate entities.

Community Growth

It’s absolutely no secret that the server has declined in size over the past couple of years, and while the easy suggestion may be to advertise the server more, the honest truth is that the server just can’t monetarily afford that at the moment.

I want to be straight up with you guys, we would love to create some great new servers based around discussions with you all and save up the server’s income so that we can get our name out there a bit more, we can’t do it without you all. Every little bit helps, if you know someone who used to play but left, invite them back to help us rebuild!

It’s time for all of us to transform this network into something we can all enjoy.


You may have noticed that Factions is no longer available in the server selector.

The past few resets we’ve done for this server have had a number of issues with dupes, bugs and maps ending early. We’d like to focus on perfecting our other more popular servers before coming back and putting our all into Factions when we have enough resources to do so.

In Conclusion

If you’ve read this far, thank you.

To sum it all up, it’s time to turn Omega Realm into something that is truly created for the people who actually play the server, no more random resets by management to bring back players, no more missing or broken features.

This is our last chance to get Omega Realm to a place it needs to be to survive through this year, and we want to get it right.

Please, if you’re an active member of the community, help us and get involved wherever you can. We’ve never had such drive to make sure everything is done exactly the way all of you want it.

We’ll be back with more updates soon, thanks for reading.

-- Mike
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Just going to start off by saying I'm proud of how far Omega Realm has come, and I am very excited to see where Omega Realm can and will go.
As someone who played Omega Realm back in the days when you could literally buy "Mod", this server has come a long ways, through ups and downs.

The only thing that worries me about this thread is the actual promise of change, because we've seen change before but it was never consistent.
Omega Realm is sort of stuck in this 2014 era of Minecraft still with it's Servers'. We saw a major reset before, but it died out quickly and went back into the "shadows" of inactivity and lack of updates. I've always considered Omega Realm to be my "home" server because it's the server where my first fond memories of Minecraft came from.
I just want to be ensured that with these changes, there will be constant updates along with it, and not just one large update and no updates like we've seen in past revamps.

A message to Mikgreg, I'm happy you decided to take this route instead of letting Omega Realm "run it's course" like we discussed about a month ago. I am very excited to start playing again once these changes are made. I'm ready to see Omega Realm get back on it's feet again, and hopefully with more consistent updates than what we've seen before. I know I'm not too active in this community, but it's a community I still support and always will.

To the entire Omega Realm community, y'all are some fucking amazing people, and I can't wait to start playing with y'all again.

- UnknownUsername
Previously known as 1234hayden. (and no, Hayden isn't my name.)
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I've been DMing some old friends that I've met on here about this. Really hoping this will turn out great. Been playing here since 2016. Tried to find other servers but this has been the only one I've played serious on. Also recently started streaming it to hopefully try to get some new faces on. Really excited for this and please don't let us down.
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After seeing what has happened with the community over the past 6 years I'm hopeful that this is a step in the right direction to bring Omega Realm back to what was in my childhood. I hope this works out and hope to see you guys on the server sometime!


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To the current community that have stuck around us,
thank you, truly.
You have done an incredible job of suggesting things for the server to spread a path for us, and now it’s our turn to listen to you and implement new enjoyable features, and most importantly not let you down.
We will try the best we can, we will do better.
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even through my toxicity towards the server in the last year or so, i rate this and i hope it succeeds. good job mike greg and thank u.
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