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The Maze Runner

Would you come to the Mini-Game?

  • Yes. (Because I DO Like The Maze Runner)

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • No.(Because I Don't Like The Maze Runner)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Don't Know Yet.

    Votes: 2 25.0%

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Well I wanted to build a map with the help of a few friends so we could have a mini-game for all the TMR (The Maze Runner). If we had enough time we could Build one. But now for the details...

Ok so the doors close at night (Not really a specific time) and these monsters come out called Greivers.

Other than that there are a few structures around the Glade (Home area) that you can sleep in.

The point of the map would be to find the way out maybe play with others.

Depending on which map you choose you can either go by the Movie or Books.(Both having the two sequels).

The team and I can easily make a map for the wonderful people of the server(Which we would love to).

The Maze runner would be every fun to make for the server, especially as a Mini-Game.

We have warps on creative as well; /Warp TheMazeRunner and /Warp TheScorchTrials.

The Maze Runner Map;

The Maze Runner Glade;

The Scorch Trials Teaser; .

The Scorch Trials city;

The Scorch Trials Jorge's place, Crank Tunnels, and destroyed building stairs;

The Scorch Trials Party, Guy's camp and destroyed buildings;

The scorch Trials Ambush site, The Right Arm;

The Scorch Trials Destroyed Right Arm Camp;

If you could make this a reality it would be amazing for the Team and I. Thanks for letting me try...