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Hey Guys!

I just wanted to post this picture to take everyone down memory lane, after a few words of course.

Omega Realm has been a huge part of my life, and has done so much for me. No matter what happened, or happens to this server, it will always be the best server on Minecraft. With that said, I think a bit of a thanks is in order!

@mikgreg Thank you for all the hard work put into this server. I know Omega isn't the same than before, but it couldn't have had a better owner. And honestly a part of me knows it is the same. Thank you Mike! If it weren't for you, the amazing memories made here wouldn't have happened. And that is something no amount of money can buy. With that said, I truly think that everyone that has ever logged onto this server should be thanking you. Throughout being a member here on Omega, I've seen countless people make new friends, and start relationships, it's truly a beautiful sight. So, thank you!

@ZexyZek I really don't care if you're never going to see this, but honestly you created it all. I'm not sure how this server came about your mind, but I'm so happy it did. God, the best server ever created on Minecraft. Thank you John for founding this server!

Everyone that has been staff for Omega! - Thank you for pitching in and helping this server grow into what it has become. Omega Realm has gone through it's series of staff members, and every single one has done something to help the server! Even the small things count.Thank you all for making Omega Realm fun!

Finally, Everyone that has been here! This community was the nicest community I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. So many amazing conversations that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Thank you for making the server fun to get online too.

Omega Realm is my, and always have been my favorite server on Minecraft! And I'm here till the bitter end.



Heres to Omega Realm!
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You hear that guys he said even the small things count so me only being staff as helper still helped the server somehow :p