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TNT permission? (petition)

Would you want to be able to use TNT?

  • Yes, for high ranks only

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes, for claims only

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • Yes, for high ranks in claims only

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 1 16.7%

  • Total voters
Reaction score
I'm sure that by looking at the Title, you can already see this as a bad//dumb idea, but hear me out for a second.

TNT is disabled
As you obviously will know, if you play on survival. However, there are ways around it such as creepers, withers and End Crystals. but no matter which option you use, you can't exactly use them the most efficiently. TNT is the block of choice in a lot of projects that ask for it. making caves, digging out land for rivers or lakes. or maybe just to make a quarry. Without that, it's either use the other options or you better start mining by hand. with or without a beacon.

Why have it be allowed? People will use it to grief
There is always a possibility of being griefed, with or without TNT. TNT is just an extension of a player's griefing abilities like placing lava on a player's home. Grief can and always happens without the use of TNT. But TNT grief is no problem if you are claiming your land. By default, claimed land is protected from explosions and you can enable or disable it wif you want. If a player does not protect their home, it's still okay because with commands on the server, it's now possible to roll back griefs done by entities such as creepers and End Crystals.
As someone who uses End Crystals in my build, i would worry about someone blowing them up and ruining my builds. However, trusting someone and them blowing up the crystals is the same worry that i have for someone placing TNT in my build and blowing it up so i don't worry at all about people TNT griefing my build or say using a wither to blow it up because it can be rolled back (i have explosions turned off anyway).

TNT doesn't have any purpose to be enabled for.
The server is made with the ability to use TNT already it. If you level up your mining ability, you can get perks that involve using TNT. You can possibly get bonus loot from ores broken using it too. TNT has a use for builders like me, too. My use for it is to cluster up underground and blowing up a decently sized cavern for me to shape and model into something potential for a mine to build. Not only does it have to be use-able, it can be placeable too along with the TNThead from the HPC plugin that's enabled on the server.
TNT is probably not as great for mining large areas if you want to be reclaiming everything you mine like an efficiency beacon is, but maybe you don't want all those blocks cluttering up your inventory, so that's fine. It does make caves and rivers a lot more natural-looking too with how misshaped they can be from being blown up. if you get builds that you make and don't like or wanna redo differently, you could just simply blow it up and remove that eyesore from view. Such as a floating mob grinder you made that doesn't work.

What would you suggest be done if TNT was enabled
Straight and simple. To reduce griefing further than simply relying on trust and that people will claim their stuff, as well as potential people just going out in the wold and blowing everything up that they come across, along with just ruining landscapes, there should be 3 options:

  1. Only players with a specific rank or higher may be allowed to place/use TNT

  2. Players can ONLY use TNT if it is in their own Claim or someone else's that they are given trust to with explosions enabled

  3. Both, Players with a specific rank or higher may be allowed to place/use TNT within their own claim or someone else's that they are given trust to with explosions enabled
TNT is a useful block and it does have uses on the survival server already with plugins that exist. If players wanted to grief your claim the moment you give them trust, they still can with or without it. The griefers can be banned and rolled back all the same. TNT has potential and a few purposes for the server too and it would help enable a lot of beneficial things for people like me who like to build stuff.