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[Tutorial] Improving FPS!

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Hey Everyone!

On my new laptop, I've had some major problems with lag, and I finally fixed it,
I wanted to share with everyone very basic and easy FPS improving tips to help you improve your FPS

1) Changing Minecraft Video Settings
When you first install Minecraft, all video settings are set to maximum quality, which does increase lag. Here's what can dramatically reduce it:
a) Render Distance: Render distance is a huge effect on your Minecraft lag. Decreasing it, will dramatically decrease your lag. You can find it in Video Settings (I recommend changing it to 2-6)
b) There are many other video settings you can mess around with to reduce lag.

2) Optifine
Optifine is probably one of the easiest solutions to minecraft lag. It's quick, and extremely simple.
a) You can find optifine HERE
b) Download the optifine version of minecraft you'd like to use (ex 1.9)
c) (Make sure you're exited out of minecraft while doing this next step) Open up the Optifine file you just installed, and just press the "Install" button when it prompts you to. Also make sure you've ran that version of minecraft before installing or it will not work
d) When you're on the minecraft launcher, simply press "Edit Profile" on the bottom left, and on the "Use Version" tab, select the Optifine version

3) Allocating More Ram Into Minecraft
This step is extremely simple to allocate more ram into minecraft. What this is basically doing is letting Minecraft use more memory. Here's how you do it:
a) Open up your Minecraft launcher
b) Press "Edit Profile" (or make a new profile),
c) The most bottom tab is JVM arguments. Press the checkmark if it is unchecked
d) Currently, Minecraft is using 1 gig of ram in your Minecraft, so you're going to want to INCREASE this.
e) Simply delete everything in the JVM Arguments box, and replace it with this: Xmx (amount of you'd like to allocate) For example: Xmx 4g < This will allocate 4 gigabytes of ram into your Minecraft. Check below if you are unsure of how much Ram you currently have and/or want to allocate

How much RAM do I have?

To see how much RAM is free, open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and change to the Performance Tab. Look how much Physical Memory is available / free.

How much should I allocate?
I strongly do not recommend allocating more than HALF of your RAM, this might affect other programs that have already allocated a lot of ram, etc.

4) Setting Java To High Priority

What this basically does is tell your ram to "focus" on Java, thus making it faster:
1) Open up task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE
2) Open Minecraft
3) In Task Manager, open the "Processes" tab
4) Look for something that says Java (it may contain other things at the end like exe etc)
5) So modify the priority of Javaw.exe to high and NOT Java.exe, please be careful it could cause some instability to your computer.

5) Texture packs
All you simply have to do in this case, is download a very low res texture pack
  1. Find an 8x8 texture pack online
  2. If you are on Windows, press the Windows key (
    ) + R at the same time
  3. In the "Run" box that opens, type %appdata%
  4. Click ".minecraft"
  5. Click the folder named "resourcepacks"
  6. Finally, drag in the texture pack download.
  7. NOTE: If the texture pack does not appear in your resource packs on Minecraft, open up your resourcepacks folder, open the .zip file of your texture pack, and drag the folder inside the .zip into your resourcepacks folder

That's about all I have for you all! I hope these tips help you improve your FPS. I will be adding more to this as I learn more :smiley:
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Excellent guide, helped me a bit. RAM thing really works.
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Great Guide! I'm sure this will help some players that have Computers that don't run Minecraft very well will Have a better experience in Minecraft!
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You could also add memory to Java which helps a lot. I don't know if you would want to add this though. It requires you to do some 'digging around' in your computer and may be a bit complicated to fit in this one guide.
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You could also add memory to Java which helps a lot. I don't know if you would want to add this though. It requires you to do some 'digging around' in your computer and may be a bit complicated to fit in this one guide.
Yea, I'll take a look at it. If it's too complicated I'll leave it out as I don't wanna screw up my laptop :p
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Is this the same for Macs?
I believe everything besides the setting Java to high priority works on a Mac. (There could be a way to set Java to a high priority, but I'm not sure how to on a Mac)