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Hi everyone,

We're looking for some feedback for our upcoming 1.15.2 Survival Reset. Post any suggestions, feedback, etc below for a chance on your idea being polled in the near future.

Current Basic Details already confirmed with the reset:
  1. The server's native version will be based around 1.15.2.​
  2. 1.8 - 1.15.2 will be able to connect to this server.​
  3. New chat format + tab layout is being introduced.​

With how recent this Minecraft version is, the sad truth is that many features and plugins are just simply going to be outdated. We're going to do our best at keeping you guys entertained with enough content while not ruining the vanilla aspect we know a lot of you love and play this server for, therefore we're looking for your feedback more than ever for ideas on how we can do that.

Any unrelated discussion will be deleted, leave the appropriate rating on the suggestions you like and don't like. Please avoid responding to any ideas in this post as this is not a place to debate them.

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Example of a helpful suggestion and a non-helpful suggestion:

Crate's are really lacking variety and are somewhat overpowered right now, look to revamp them with less economy hurting items and more survival variety items. Example items:
  1. item1
  2. item2
  3. item3

Crates suck revamp them
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The kits should include full sets of armor and tools. And then have the enchantments on them vary depending on what the rank is. (Lower rank = lower enchantment, higher rank = higher enchantment)

Also, I don't think the crates are overpowered. In my opinion, they're underpowered if we're talking about regular vote crates. Every time I use them, I just get farmer package and lottery vouchers that give $1 or 100$.

Also very cool that you're going to 1.15.2.
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Remove quests or at least nerf them a huge amount, I suggested this for this reset because it broke the economy in the last reset after they were added, but nothing seemed to have been done about it.

If you don't remove them, make the max prize maybe like 10-20k and this should be for mining a ton of rare blocks, not netherrack and stone.
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Bring back /wwarp
This brings a way for non-ranked players to advertise their shop without having to ask a ranked player to set a warp for them.

Alongside setting warps, add a cool down to this feature and other special commands like /fix

Remove the ranking system from survival as well as head hunting
This for me, takes away the vanilla feel to survival and more like factions. Last reset was very vanilla and that was my favourite reset by far because it was the closest we've had to vanilla minecraft.

Keep the Points Shop but,
But remove and don't add any unique items. AGAIN, not vanilla. The idea of claim blocks, temp-fly and fix all is a nice idea though.


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. Make griefing only punishable to claimed structures
>I don't condone griefing whatsoever but I find it very pointless that we have claim blocks and can buy claim blocks with points yet, if my structure is griefed when it is not claimed, it can still be rolled back and the griefer punished.
>Brings value to claim blocks again
. Blacklist certain mobs from stacking that aren't used in farms/grinders
>I don't know if you use the "StackMob" plug-in but it has an option to black list certain things from stacking. In my opinion (for example), dolphins, horses, villagers and (soon to come) bees should not stack as they provide purpose as individuals and people are not likely to have a large amount (enough to cause damage to the server's performance) of them in the same area
.Fixing certain quests and promoting the use of certain hidden(?) plug ins
>More of a bug-fix rather than a suggestion and I'm not sure if this plug-in will be in the next survival but, if it is, certain quests that give items such as the stone mining quests do not give you anything upon completion.
>I feel that plug-ins such as the head plug in are majorly under-used on the current server as players don't know they are there. /hpc and /sellhead provide the player with ways to get money that they most likely were unaware of
.Update/remove current fishing plug-in
>The current fishing plug in doesn't give the player normal fish, it gives them named variants with sizes and such which, honestly, I find pretty cool. The bad part is that it takes up inventory space really fast and there is no way to exchange said named fish for a reward which makes the "legendary" fish pretty pointless.
.Addition of more variety to rarer crates
>I'm not as educated on the kits but player's in survival brought it up so I'll do my best to convey the information.
>In the rarer kits they wanted rarer items such as wither skeleton spawners under the "Insane" as well as kits that were rarer than legendary. From what I could gather they wanted more of the /shop items available in rarer crates for all to get.
.Change the rank kits
>The items within the rank kits (pro grand etc) seem to follow a sort of pattern but they are pretty random with some later kits having no food and, even when all kits are redeemed, having no full set of armour but rather 3 chest pieces and helmet.
>A full set of armour should be included in the kits whether it is spread out among them or included in every kit with better enchantments the better the kit is up to you.
> Furthermore, I think there should be more kits available to "Noob" ranks. A ranking system could be implemented such as the one in factions to allow non-donors to get more kits but, as far as I know, the only kits available to non-donors is the spade kit for claiming. A weekly kit with some basic iron armour and tools could work too to keep to the more "vanilla" survival theme.
.Do something with phantoms
>Phantoms are a cool concept but when you're unable to sleep they are extremely annoying. You basically have to become inactive everytime it's night time otherwise you're gonna get hits every 15 seconds. I know you can't disable them but if there was a way to reduce their spawns or maybe disable them and sell the phantom membrane at a spawn shop it would be good
.Spawn Shop (Buy and Sell)
>This kind of depends on whether the chest shop plugin will be returning in the reset but I think a spawn shop is a good way to make money for certain items. I think it should be extremely basic so as there's no way to make an enormous amount of money but I always liked spawn shops.
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Events Team
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Crate's are really lacking variety and are somewhat underpowered right now, you got alot of basic stuff sure, but when thats the only thing
you get, it kinda makes it a moot point to buy or vote for keys on Survival:

Introduce various kits that are crate specific, like the old kits, such as kit farmer kit builder and kit enchanter
Allow Rare item stuff to be added in crates such as Heart of The Sea (Common) Dragon Egg (Legendary) or Tridents (Rare) & Elytra (Rare)
This maybe pushing it but perhaps a single wither skull in a legendary crate? or Rare crate?

Another aspect of crates is being able to actually have claimblocks, instead of a low number amount why not have claimblocks that range from 100 500 1000 and then 2500 in crates and this can also work with in-game cash of 100 500 1,000 and 2500 and then in higher tiered crates 5000 7,500 and 10,000.

Finally, some sort of food that can be of use, enchanted golden apples should be rare since they're uncraftable but still used so instead why not have that as a food item in crates and then have like steak porkchops and chicken in stacks of 16 or 32

Having blocks like brick sponges or anvils isnt really something a player really uses often.

Economy Ideas

The more obvious choices of having a player-based shop with chestshops but its been noted that the chestshop we had allowed various means to sabotage another player's chest.. locking them out of their own possessions. Why not go back to the old chestshop plugin or a means to counter something like that from helping in 1.15.2.

I did like that was a in-game shop option where you can buy claimblocks, tempfly, as another method of gaining claimblocks

Finally, with Eco spawners can break the economy pretty fast, so we should limit what mobs can be spawners and what isnt a good spawner.
The more common Mob types like Zombie Skeleton and Spider are fine, but perhaps also Blaze Enderman and creeper is maybe


McMMO is certain must, it is widely useful in survival gameplay and having the ability to mine real fast and also fell trees instantly is rather useful.

While the Fishing contests were fun, I think they should only appear occasionally for 15min and then have a prize for said fish and then selling the caught fish like the plugin was designed for. They would appear bi-hourly (Every 2 hours) for 15min
1st place gets
5000 and a 1 Rare Key 2 common and 4 vote keys
2nd place gets 4000 and gets a 2 Common key and 3 vote keys
3rd Place gets 3000 and gets 1 common key 2 vote keys
4th place gets 2000 and 2 vote keys
5th place gets 1000 and 1 vote key

This would promote a means to obtain keys for those that cant afford or otherwise feel it would become "pay2win" can have a alternative means obtain crate keys.

Another gameplay mechanic perhaps is having a booster option in stores such as a x2 mcMMO xp booster or x2 vanilla xp booster
For 30 min thats global in that server. it would promote some server revenue and also help out the community, They would be cheap and in-expensive but also useful they can be sold in groups of 1x 3x or 5x at a time and be used with /boosters

The final piece of the gameplay aspect is to take in account a more Survival-friendly approach. Having no-one be able to fly and rely on temp-fly as if you have /fly then it kinda make sit unfair to those that dont have /fly. You could use voting for tempfly crates. the shop features as mentioned above or. with LuckPerms you can create special tokens that allow you to have a temporary permission to have a flight of either 1hr 1d or 7days. This would make it more inclined to be more survival-friendly and doesn't feel as op as using /fly all the time. There's tons of ways to go-about survival without fly such as scaffolding blocks and I feel like alot of us can take /fly for granite on how much we depend on something this powerful in survival.
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Could we perhaps have a bigger world border? There's plenty of people who love to explore the outer reaches of the world and want to go more than 25-50k (average map size)

Also could you make it so /wild spawns you anywhere in the world. I've noticed that it only spawns you in the positive coordinates so those areas are densely populated and frequently when I do /wild I either spawn at people's bases or close to them.
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Claiming in the end should be disabled. There's a player named cullum or something who claimed the towers so nobody can fight the dragon again. Ruining other players experience. When another player asked for him to unclaim it, he said "You wanna fight it? Ask me first" then he eventually said no again.


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Claiming in the end should be disabled. There's a player named cullum or something who claimed the towers so nobody can fight the dragon again. Ruining other players experience. When another player asked for him to unclaim it, he said "You wanna fight it? Ask me first" then he eventually said no again.
These claims were removed and if it happens again there will be consequences. Thank you for letting us know.