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[Updated] Commands / Frequently Asked Questions

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(Last updated 4/18/19 01:00 CST)
Hello there!

Before you dive into this work of art, after reading, please take some time to leave some feedback. This actually took over 3.5 hours to make (fact-checking). Even rating this post with something means a lot. Thank you.

Special Thanks to @DragonYami for making the staff application tutorial.

There have been multiple people that have asked me or other staff questions like "is there a command to report a player?", or "how do i use the new auction?", etc. These commands are easy, but they are tricky for new players, or even returning players.

With that said, I present to you, the list of the top 30 commands/questions with answers that people should know while playing on Omega Realm.
Note: These commands are in no specific order.


1 | ehelp -
Lists the commands available in whatever server you are currently on.
2 | /helpop -
Sends a message to staff. (The forums usually get an answer faster than the in-game /helpop).
3 | /report -
Used to report hackers to staff and the OAC (Anti-Cheat). Usage: /report [Username] [Type of Hacks]
4 | /ptime* -
Used to change the time of day for yourself. Only works for your account, and mobs still spawn. Usage: /ptime [Time]
5 | /condense or /blocks* -
Used to convert all ores into blocks.
6 | /seen -
Used to see how long a player has been online/offline.
7 | /rules -
View the server rules. Please read these to you avoid punishments. You can find all the rules here.
8 | /auction -
Gives specific commands related to the auction house. Usage: /auc help (Survival, Skyblock, and Factions only).
9 | /iteminfo -
Shows what a certain item's ID and other information is for Shops. (Survival and Skyblock Only)
10 | /forums -
Gives you the link to the Omega Realm forums.
11 | /suggestions -
Provides the link to the Omega Realm suggestion thread on the forums.
12 | /kits -
Displays what kits you have access to and which ones you have available.
13 | /wwarp -
WWarp stands for Welcome Warp. They are used by players who make shops or are an easier way to get to a house or public area. Usage: Type [Welcome] on the first line of a sign to use this feature. (Survival Only)
14 | /protection -
Provides detailed information about the claim plugin and how to use it. (Survival Only)
15 | /f -
Provides a detailed command list of faction-related commands. (Factions Only)
16 | /ignore -
Used to ignore chat messages from a player.
17 | /mail -
Gives a detailed guide on how to send, receive, and other actions related to mail.
18 | /realname -
Used to provide the in-game name of a nicked player.
19 | /list -
Provides the total player count for the server you are on along with groups of players.
20 | /tptoggle* -
Toggles whether you receive teleportation requests from other players. Useful for YouTubers.
21 | /unlockdrops -
If you die, use unlock/lock drops to alllow/disallow anyone to pick your items up.
22 | /trapped -
Use if you are trapped in someone else's claim. Teleports you to an unclaimed location. (Survival Only)
*Indicates that the command may only be accessible via a rank.

If you would like a command added above or a question answered please submit them here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I get banned for selling in-game items for real money?
A: No, you won't be punished for deals via PayPal or some other form of payment app or program, however, we never recommend anyone does this as there is no way for staff to help you should something go wrong.

Q: How can I report a player for hacking?

A: The best way to report a hacker is to either record them, to use /report, or both. Staff can also be notified and they can also investigate. If you record, you can report the hacker on the forums in a player report. However, the best option is to do both, just in case.

Q: What happens to my reports/appeals once I submit them?
: Once you submit an appeal/report, staff get a notification and then take action. We review the evidence and follow the course of action we see best applicable to the situation.

Q: How do I get unbanned?
There are 3 ways you can get potentially unbanned. 1: Appeal on the forums. 2: Buy an unban. 3: Wait for your ban to expire.
You can appeal here. Make sure to follow the template when appealing!

Q: When are staff applications opening?
Staff applications will open when Omega is in need of more staff members. There is usually an announcement on Discord when applications are open.

Q: Can I have a rank for free?
: No. The only way that you can get a free rank is by participating in events.

Q: When is the next server reset?
: Servers are usually reset every several months. This can mean 4 months all the way up to a year.

Q: I did nothing wrong but my sibling got banned, so I'm banned. What can I do?
Wait it out like everyone else. Your siblings are your responsibility on Omega, not ours. See above for how to get unbanned.

Q: I purchased a package on the store but it still hasn't come through. What should I do?
: This is probably the most common situation that appears most often. The best thing you can do is wait. If your package doesn't come through in over 20 minutes, create a donation issue on the forums.


Useful Links:


I hope this little list helped you! If you find an error or would like to suggest commands or your question(s) to be added here, please mention me with your suggestion below.​