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Updated Introduction

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Since Survival just got nuked and reborn, here's an updated introduction since I'm playing on here a lot now. Also, there was a lot of cringy fluff in the last introduction so I cut all that and gave you the bare minimum.

Hi. I'm Greg. or Gregory. you might not know who I am, or what server I came from. Let me explain.


I joined Minecraft around March 2012, when 1.2 was first released. For a couple months, I played single player, not knowing what I was doing. But then, I finally decided to join a server that is probably forgotten by now.

The server's name was Indigo District, and it had no less than 100 people. I played over 1000 hours on that server, it was crazy. I met a ton of people on there, and rose to the top. TLDR I was unfairly banned due to something I had no control over.

After ID I watched ZexyZek, as we all did, and decided to join his server. I didn't have any friends at the time. However, I saw something interesting. There was a portal to the connected server "MC-SG". So I joined and was immediately immersed in the community. I made many friends, including Instygan, Brannon, and many more.

A couple of months (or was it years? I barely remember now) later, Omega split up with MC-SG. I ended up staying in MC-SG for the time being.

It was at this time, in the midst of all the chaos, I joined Defiance, one of the biggest factions on MC-SG that moved over to Omega Realm.

But Mc-Sg closed on May 26, 2015. Most of the MC-SG community moved to Omega Realm, including me. We had to get used to Omega Realm since our community dwindled in numbers after they broke up w/ Omega. We made new memories on Omega Realm.

I became a Pro on June 7th, 2016.

I then left and stopped playing Minecraft for a while.. and with the return of Factions on the 12th of February, 2017, I too have come back to this desolate land. Can't believe that was 3 years ago...

After Defiance shut down its doors for the last time, I eventually drifted away from Minecraft as a whole and did other things - however, I seemed to come back every couple of months. I graduated from High School. I started creating Youtube Content and started writing a book. I also started college for a Business and Theatre double major. It's been a wild ride, but I've decided to come back to survival, so hello again! o/ If you see me in Jamie town hello and you're free to afk in my house cause that's what everyone does now

Also, I used to go by the name Gregoryk_, but changed it along with my online persona, so I now go by SAKI! (or, Saki10 cause someone already had that username...)

So to any players of Omega Realm who go to college, or players who are still in High School, hello :smiley: Glad to be back on here.


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sorry for afking in ur house I swear I’ll pay rent or something