Valley of The Kings W.I.P. May start recruiting people to help

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    I started with a rep of bad builds Ill admit, But now this is a map that I'm proud of! I hope you guys like it!

    /Warp ValleyOfTheKings
    This is the front where you start Your coming from a town called Seaward

    This is just a cave to go to the next town The town is called DragoVash

    Inside the cave

    Canyon area 2

    Another area in the Canyon


    Canyon Bridge and Split This area will take you to 4 places Backwards (where you came from) Left to DragoVash Forward to Mt.Kaitripa and Miterida

    Split/Bridge area angle #2

    Canyon to DragoVash

    Canyon to DragoVash #2

    Entrance to Dragovash

    DragoVash (Viewed from Entrance)

    Dragovash - Town Square

    DragoVash - BirdsEye View

    Shrine by Bridge/Split

    Entrance to Forest (btw people say that trees in the forest look all the same so its a time saver and an Advantage)

    Entrance to Miterida

    Miterida - Gate

    Miterida - Vine Entrance

    Since the town was new buildings were scarce, so there are barely any buildings, Not a cheap Excuse
    Miterida - Birdseye View

    Miterida #2

    Miterida - Destroyed Tavern

    Miterida - Hole in back wall



    Mt.Kaitrapa #2

    Madness Beacon

    Project Sojima

    Project Sojima #2

    Project Sojima #3
    The Project Sojima will look very familar to one of my other plots


    Overhead view of the canyon #1

    Overhead view of Canyon #2

    Overhead View of Canyon #3

    Overhead View Of Canyon #4

    Overhead View of Canyon #5

    Overhead View of Canyon #6

    Exit to Canyon

    Total View of map

    Overview of Project Sojima

    Cave leading into underground laboratory

    Hallway #1


    Hallway #2

    Hallway #3

    4 Way split

    Left Split into hallway

    Left Unnamed room

    Left Unnamed room #2

    Hallway into Eshutdown room

    Eshutdown Room

    Eshutdown Lever (This is 1 of 3 that is needed to shut down the Madness Beacon)

    Right hallway from split

    Outside of Coffin Room

    Coffin Room

    Stairs connecting the Coffin room and The Unnamed Room (The book may or may not help you)

    Hallway leading to The deeper underground lab

    Door Lock

    Door Closed

    Door Opened

    Door Room

    I dont know what to name this

    Hallway #Way Too Many

    Nothing too special about this door...

    Combination Room

    Hallway #5734589305


    Door #4435

    Do I have to say? (Its a hallway)

    So far its just a useless room :/


    Tiny room with a cell in it

    So... Many... Stairs...

    Hallway... Yea...

    Hallway that leads to door

    M.B. control room

    M.B. Shutdown switches (The light means that you switched on the other lever)

    Must I say it? Its a hallway (there is 2 or 3 more hallways that connects :/)

    Exit from the M.B. control room

    Just in case you forgot where we are, Were back at the split This is the forward direction

    This room has a name now It’s called “The Racks”

    Way into the labs, Or to the control room of the M.B.
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