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Villager Despawning

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Hello everyone!

In the last Survival update, the entity clear system has been revamped entirely. Overall, the changes were very positive and improved Survival gameplay while also keeping the server running with no lag.
However, I believe that a detail was overlooked in the midst of the changes: villager despawning.
We haven't experienced enough despawning to find a consistent rule, but we determined that, currently, villagers despawn when there are more than 10 mobs in the chunk (this is also true for named villagers).

Here are a few things you need to know to understand my suggestion:

Getting villagers
You can get villagers via 3 means: villages, curing zombies and breeding.
Villagers are found densely in villages, causing them to despawn according to the new rule (over time, villages will be empty). Villages are randomly generated structures, and most times you need to dig a 10k block tunnel to get villagers safely to your base.
Curing zombies villagers is another method to get villagers, although this type of zombie has a very low spawning rate (5%) and doesn't spawn with zombie spawners.
The last approach, villager breeding, requires you to have at least 2 villagers a priori. If you do have villagers, they need to be in a small space, which again is unfavorable due to the clear lag rule.

Each villager is unique
Unlike most mobs, villagers are diverse and have different trades from each other.
Getting a villager with the trade you want is very difficult and therefore losing a villager can have a big impact on a player's economy.

Keeping villagers
Since this new rule, keeping villagers has been challenging.
Villager AI makes them randomly "gossip" and go to 1 chunk, therefore maintaining them in a village doesn't work, as they end up despawning.
Closing them in a one-block space seemed like a good idea initally, however we found that we would need to mine a whole chunk down to avoid villager despawning.

Managing to have villagers before the update was already very troublesome. Considering all these factors, I believe the entity clear lag rule for villagers should be changed.

Thank you for reading my suggestion, have a good day!


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Either make villagers not “stack” with others mobs in the entity count or give them priority when it comes to disappearing. I had a chicken farm next to a bunch of villagers and it was removing villagers consistently before it was removing chickens