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Vote Crates

Are vote crates brokes?

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So we all know that we can vote 5 times a day, and get 5 vote keys. But the entire system is broken. First off, vote link 4 dosent even load, and second the prizes are just broken! Now, people are getting alot of money and becoming op, you can get trash like 5 emerald blocks. Most people like me would just put them in a chest and never use them! Second, most people have lots of money now so money is just trash. Getting 5k and even 15k are just pointless! Then there is Mcmmo credits. They are just like getting nothing in a vote crate! Like spending $8 on a monthly crate and get something that does nothing! Mcmmo credits need to be removed from all crates and maby the server too! Now the rarity of the items in the crates is also broken! Lots of things have the same rarity but one is just totaly better than another! Like you can get legendary all in the vote key and rare all in the vote crate, but they are both legendary! Also, in the legendary crate, you have the same odds of getting Nobleman rank as getting Grand rank! That is so messed up! Now one more thing is that it is possible to get things you cant even use! Like if you get pro rank and you already have mega, there is no use! Same as if you already have /fly but get it anyway! As you can see I think that the crates need to be changed!