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"What's Going On Omega Realm" #21

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What's Going On Omega Realm #21
Welcome to the latest "What's Going On Omega" Server Revamp Edition, it's been so long but I'm back to cover the latest Omega Realm Server Revamp and changes that have been made to the server as well as ranks. Today we will cover some of the notable changes made to the server if you want complete info on the revamp changes go this thread

Full Ownership Transfer/Old Players Returning/Server Revamp
@ZexyZek has fully stepped down as an owner of Omega Realm as of 12/18/2018 and has passed down complete ownership to @mikgreg, with a couple of days later Mike announcing a server-wide revamp of all the servers still currently on Omega. With a server-wide revamp also came the rise of old players coming back to check out what's new including some OGs, I'm surprised people still remember the passwords to their forums accounts after so long either that or they still remember the email to their account.
Zeks Resign
New Hub Spawn:

A New Admin Joins The Admin Club
@Angay a long time Omega Realm player who has come here and there is now ADMIN, BTS influence coming to the server?
To check out the current staff on the server click here

Server Events
Here come some events to go along with the new server revamp, keep in mind if the events don't get many entries it will usually end up being canceled.

Factions Revamp
Day 1 of a factions reset is always so crazy with everybody trying to get their names and gathering supplies, who will win this map of factions along with some weekly prizes. Word of advice don't be stupid and try to get yourself banned for using exploits to get ahead.
Along with the reset brings back the 2015 Factions Spawn, go on to relive some of the memories.
Be sure to report any bugs you find here for @matthew to look at and fix.

Fatal Members in their habitat. Videos by @Radioz
- Sans made by @ReallyDamnFast and Charizard made by @Pika1002
- Memes in 2019 Pixelart made by @Code remade by @Srijan :eek: he replaces Fatal with Srijan
*Update End has been flood so hope you can swim.

Changes Since the Last Faction Map
- Flat 5k x 5k End World added
- Printer Command added (/printer on)
When used it will change your inventory and get a list of blocks to choose from, not that placing any of the blocks will take away money depending on the price of the block in /shop
- Fuego the Dragon is an Ender Dragon you fight at /warp pvp, defeat him for rewards, (note rewards depend on how much damage you do to the boss)
- Custom Biomes are back, hopefully with no void chunks.
- 1 Week Grace Period (TNT/Creepers can't destroy blocks)
- Villager Spawners added to /shop for 5mil
- 1 Chunk Claim gap added (Mostly its 1 chunk of wilderness where no one can claim between 2 different faction claims.
* Note that the 20 chunk limit is still a rule

Skyblock Revamp
We know it been a long time coming with the last map being almost 2 years old but Skyblock is here with a reset and a lot of new changes.
Pics of Island TOP (Updated) by @Diamondd

Changes Since the Last Map
- New Scoreboard added
- Custom Enchants
- /shop added
- New Skyblock Kits added to /buy
- New TOP Island NCP added to spawn (shows whos island has the most value)

Kitpvp Revamp Changes
Kitpvp is changed with fixing some old bugs along with bringing back an old spawn, but let's be honest, we would rather have the slayer map back if we still have it stored someone where. So here are some of the notable changes.
- Old map added back
- Duels Have Finally been fixed, along with new maps
- Omega Ranks having access to /fly has been fixed
- Stats Scoreboard added
- Kits Balanced

Survival Revamp
This map will be for those true hardcore vanilla players as its just how it was when survival first came out, silk touching spawners is rare this map so make sure you get one to be able to get those blaze spawners every month.
- The first survival spawn returns
- Staff are now able to remove useless warps
- /skull cooldown reduced to 10mins
- /fix cooldown reduced to 30mins
- Nether and End reset monthly
- Mobs can only stack up to 1000
- New Vote Party System
- 25k x 25k Border
- It's 90% Vanilla
- Cheaper Prices for Keys
- Limited Edition OP Key (Will be disable on 2/01/2019)(New Prizes every month)

Creative Revamp Changes
Creative has gotten a spawn makeover along with a few other changes, note that nothing on the server reset so you still have your old builds on the server or anything in your ender chest.
- All players (including non-ranks) get 10 more extra plots
- Some rules have been adjusted

Buycraft Revamp/Server Funds
With the server revamp also comes a rehaul of the Omega Realm Buycraft, here is a list of changes to ranks. It was also no surprise that with the major dip in players also came in major dips in buycraft donations, so from now on all donations go towards improving/keeping the server up and running with a sale happening every time the server gets more then they need for server expenses

Changes to Ranks and perks
- Pro, Grand, Mega, and Trial Ranks have been added back to the buycraft.
- Omega, Delta and Alpha have been removed from the store but don't worry if you had Omega Rank, you still get to keep it, however, you won't have some of the perks that Nobleman have.

Rank Pricing (*Pricing is without the current sale)
Pro = $10.00 (3 Months)
Grand = $30.00 (6 Months)
Mega = $50.00 (9 Months)
Nobleman = $100.00 (9 Months)
Pro Trial = $2.50 (7 Days)
Grand Trial = $5.00 (7 Days)
Mega Trial = $13.00 (7 Days)

Graphic Arts Showcase
Showcasing the art posted by the Omega Realm Community, go check them out
- @Uglythecat
- @dumb cunt
- @Lettin
- @Haizhe
- @Kagune
- @Xepheniah
- @Phillikun

Recent Forums/Server Changes
In case you miss some minor things, especially with old players returning, here are some of the changes that most people should know.
- Dark Theme added to the forums
- YouTuber Rank sub-requirement lower from 1000 to 500
- Twitch Rank added
- Prison/Universe removed due to little to no players

Recent Attempts to Crash the Server
If you think you will be able to get away with crashing the server, well the staff have ways of finding out the same goes with bug exploiting, I mean we're not 1 week into the faction map and someone already found a dupe glitch but it has already been handled and patched.

Hope you enjoyed this issue of "What's Going On Omega Realm" I mostly did this issue cause 1 person asked if I was going to do one, so I had to make a poll to see if anybody else wanted. Hopefully, the changes that Omega Realm has made will keep players around for a while.
Sorry if this isn't my best work as I don't have much to work off of.
- @GustoWind

Omega Realm News Archive (Issues #1-20)
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Don't forget that Code filled the entire end with water LOL, great post as always :like::like:8)